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Expose your Book!
1-2 weeks

This package is the perfect starter package to get your book noticed!

This package will contain your choice of the following: Author interview, author guest post, cover reveal, Book Sample/Excerpt, book review, book trailer and/or giveaway

What I Do:

*Sign up sheet for blogger participation
*Set up tour dates/schedule. Once completed this will be e-mailed to the author
*Send out the media kit(provided by author) This may contain book cover, book trailer, author guest posts, completed interviews to all participating bloggers, etc

Note: Guest posts and guest post topics are chosen by the author and/or participating bloggers. Interview questions will be submitted to me then I will distribute them to the author. All guest posts and interview questions must be completed by an arranged date so they can be distributed to the participating bloggers in a timely manner. Physical Review copies are to be provided by the author or publisher, however I will provide the mailing list. I will distribute all e-books to the participating bloggers.

*Minimum of 5 Bloggers needed to run*

Price: $45

Release Day!
1 day event

It's your time to shine! Use this package to spread the word. Whether it's a cover reveal, book trailer release or a giveaway. This can also be used to advertise sequels and companion novels!

What I Do

*Send out blogger participation invites

*Distribute media kit(Cover, synopsis, release info, book trailer, etc)

Price: $15

*Minimum of 5 Bloggers needed to run*

2 weeks-1 month
Minimum of 5 bloggers

This package is for Book Reviews only. Have your book reviewed by participating bloggers. This is a two week to one month event depending on blogger participation.

What I Do:

*Set up Book Reviewers

*Provide Blogger Participation list to author
*E-Books are distributed to all participating bloggers by me
*If the author is choosing to use physical review copies, those will have to be distributed by author and/or publisher(I will provide the mailing list)
*Press release is provided by The Crazy Bookworm!

Price: $25

Note: All book reviews are the honest opinion of the blogger. I cannot guarantee a positive review.

If you have any questions regarding any of the packages, please do not hesitate to contact me!
Cathy at:


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Thanks for your understanding!

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