Review Policy

Update: The Crazy Bookworm DOES accept books for review from self-published authors. The only conditions are that the books follow the criteria that I review, and that the book is available in hard copy format. The Crazy Bookworm also welcomes self-published authors for interviews/guest posts as well.

Thank You for your interest in a Crazy Bookworm Review. I am currently open to review requests from authors, publishers and publicists. Please see the list below for genres acceptanced for that review.

Books I accept for review:

*Young Adult
*Fiction/Literary Fiction
*Women's Fiction/Chick Lit
*Historical Fiction(especially war time)

Books I don't accept for review:

*Science Fiction
*Self Help
*Children's Books

Please Note: I will not review a book series out of sequence. If asked to review a book that is part of a series, I will ask that the person requesting the review provide copies of the previous books in the series.

Due to high demand, lease Allow 8-12weeks upon receiving book for review to be posted on The Crazy Bookworm site. If requested by the author the review may be posted on a specific date. Please let me know of any deadlines in advance.

My Reviews Include: Synopsis(I do not write my own premise. They are taken from the publishers website,, or Publication date, publishing company, a photo of the book, genre, Amazon link, format and page count. At times I may also include quotes directly from the book.

Cross-Posts: I do post my reviews on other sites such as, Barnes and,  Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram and Facebook. Please let me know if you don't want my review cross-posted or if you would like your review posted on other sites.

 I am currently not accepting anymore ebook/pdf formats. This is temporary. If your book comes in hard copy than that is acceptable

Formats: Hard Copy, PDF, E-Books. 

All ARCs and review copies stay in my possession. Unless requested by author to be donated or be placed in a "Giveaway"

How to submit your book for review:

Contact CATHY at:

Thank You!

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