Beta Reading Services

What is a Beta Reader?

A Beta Reader is someone that reads, analyzes and offers constructive feedback on your unpublished manuscript/submission. Beta Readers look at various components such as: Pacing, consistencies/inconsistencies, plot and character development, etc. As an author your main priority is the reader and their reading experience, a beta reader will offer helpful insight from a readers perspective. 

What I Offer:
  • An in-depth read of your completed manuscript/submission(works-in-progress also accepted)
  • Comprehensive Report completed in full detail pinpointing any specific areas in your manuscript along with positives/negatives, helpful suggestions, overall impression, etc
  • Overall opinion from a readers perspective
  • Overall evaluation of your work(plot, development, writing, setting, world-building, etc)
  • Feedback in a timely manner. Specific deadlines are to be discussed before hiring.
  • Regular updates via e-mail
  • 100% Honesty 
What I Don't Offer:
  • Editing corrections
  • Punctuation/typo corrections
  • Re-writes
  • Published reviews(Beta Reading service is exclusively for you. If you wish to have any promotion of your work on The Crazy Bookworm, please click here for other services offered)
Why Hire Me?

I have been book blogging for 8+ years. Next to my fiance, this is my most committed relationship! Reading and sharing my reading experience with my blog visitors has become a passion of mine. It is far more than a hobby or a pass time. I believe nothing brings people closer together than talking about books! I have an attention to detail and being an avid reader and book blogger I am able to dive a little deeper and pick up on things that others may brush over. I will provide you with complete and unbiased feedback. I am a reader first and will approach your work in that respect. My 8 years of book reviewing experience has allowed me to be objective and very open-minded. I believe there is an audience out there for every book written. If a book doesn't appeal to me that does not mean that it will not appeal to others; because of this, I will be able to provide you with full feedback on the structure and overall delivery of your work. As your main priority is the reader, my main priority is the success of your book. 

My Preferred Genres:

  • Young Adult/New Adult
  • Adult Fiction(Contemporary romance, historical, Mystery/Thriller, paranormal, horror, crime)
  • Non-Fiction(Memories, self-help/development)
  • Children's books, middle grade
  • Not accepted: Erotica, cookbooks, poetry

Let's Work Together:

If you're interested in my Beta Reading Service please contact me at: Please include 'Beta Reading' in the subject line. In your email, please include:
  • A summary/synopsis of your book
  • Genre
  • Word/page count
  • A little bit about yourself(author bio, website, social media, etc)
Formats Accepted:

  • Physical copy
  • Word Document

*Contact for price list. Rush option available for additional fee*

Let's make your book shine!


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