Wednesday, April 28, 2021

I'm on the Youtube!!


Hello fellow bookworms! It has been a minute! A lot of my bookish focus has been on the instagram (@bookworm_yogi) but I want to dust off the ol' blog and get back to giving it equal focus, and I am returning with an announcement...*Drumroll* I am on youtube! Okay, I know the post title already gave that away but just roll with me here. What happens during a pandemic and 3 lockdowns? Boredom. Complete and utter boredom! In that boredom, my boyfriend and I thought a youtube channel would be a good idea! What is on this youtube channel you ask? We hope to make it a variety channel where it's just us talking about stuff and making fun of pop culture. Right now, my boyfriend Adam, is currently reading all of my instagram book reviews, with his own flair, and by flair, I mean he makes complete fun of me! 

We're both big nerds who like to play video games, board games, read, and watch movies, and we hope to document our journey through these things all while enjoying an adult beverage! I hope you'll join us! I will post where you can find us below. I truly hope to see you there! If you stop by, be sure to comment and say hello! And if you have any suggestions on what you want us to record, please let us know in any of the videos comments! I'll leave you with a video here, in hopes that it will entice you to pop over to youtube and give us a follow there :) 

Love always,

your neighbourhood bookworm, The Crazy Bookworm, aka, Bookworm_Yogi, aka, Catam Concoction

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