Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Family Upstairs Lisa Jewell


Slow clap!

That is how you write a book! Hot damn! That book was one epic ride! Firstly, let's address how effortlessly the author delivered the multiple perspectives. This was one very complicated, in-depth story that had so many layers! To tackle that on its own is an accomplishment. But then to add it coming from multiple points of view, with additional backstory without causing confusion?! Brav-freaking-O! The Family Upstairs is such a compelling family drama that is mysterious, horrific, and thrilling. The character development is perfection. Their stories unraveling until the very last page! Just when you think you're on to something, the author spins you another direction. Keeping you on the very edge of your seat! And each character standing out just as strong as the other. The gripping storytelling paired with an outstanding character cast made this chilling book an unforgettable read!
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