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Breakthrough Female YA Authors

There have been some outstanding Authors that have burst into the YA scene with a bang! Both male and female YA authors that have tested the boundaries, made us think, made us question and wonder. These authors have proven to us time and time again that we are not alone. There is something so special about the Young Adult Book genre, the stories, the readers and the authors...It's kind of magical!

Today, I want to the spotlight just a fraction of the Female Authors that have impacted the many lives of its readers.

Ruta Sepetys

Ruta Sepetys: With books like Between Shades of Gray, Out of the Easy and Salt to the Sea under her belt, she has proven herself a force to be reckoned with. She tackles the tough and the uneasy. She brings to life characters the nest themselves into our hearts. She shines light on pieces of history to educate her readers but to also instill in us more knowledge of that era. Her passion and love for not only the YA genre but for writing radiates off of the pages. She is truly a rare gem of an author.
Jennifer Brown

Rainbow RowellJennifer Brown: Hate List, Thousand Words and Bitter End are just a few of the books that Brown has given us the pleasure of reading. She is not afraid to step out of the "norm" and bring to us true stories. Her characters may be fictional but she brings forward the stories of many, many youth. She tackles bullying, the repercussions of teen sexting, domestic violence in a youth relationship, the list goes on. Her fearlessness as an author is truly inspiring!

Rainbow Rowell: I have yet to come across an author that is like Rainbow Rowell. She stands out among the rest. Her fictional characters become friends to us. She has the precious gift at making her characters not only lovable but relatable. We see so much of us in each character.

Jandy NelsonHer writing is a simple style yet is so bold and memorable. She is witty, quirky and absolutely one of a kind!

Jandy Nelson: Jandy Nelson captured the hearts of her readers every since The Sky is Everywhere and has yet to release them. One of my most favourite books is I'll Give you the Sun. It's so rare that you come across an author that leaves you in awe.

Calling her an author doesn't seem to do her justice. She is an artist. She preciously crafts characters and places them in a world were we can slip away and befriend these beautiful people. She cracks our hearts wide open and makes us feel so deeply. Reading Jandy Nelson will always leave you with a wonderful and memorable reading experience.

Gayle Forman

Gayle Forman: Gayle was one of the first authors that had me really feel and react to the lives of a books characters. Back when I first read If I Stay I was just coming out of the paranormal craze and haven't read much that didn't involve a vampire, werewolf, damsel in distress, etc. She was one of the first authors that showed me the true beauty in feeling. In being hurt and reading through tears. She taught me that you can experience true love in Just One Day. She shows her readers that there is love, loss and love again.

Courtney Summers
Courtney Summers: Summers had her first book published had the age of 22 and it then became the winner of the 2009 Cybil Award for YA. How outstanding is that? With books like Fall for Anything, All the Rage and Some Girls Summers shows us that we are not alone. Whatever we may be suffering with, she brings to live characters that we can relate to and befriend. She shows us that there is someone out there that gets us and that will bring our story to life. She has the ability to make us feel every possible emotion that there is. A true author in every sense of the word!

J.K. Rowling
J.K. Rowling: You mention the name J.K. Rowling to anyone in any part of the world and they will know who you are speaking of. J.K. Rowling changed the game when it came to children's literature. She crafted characters that are still castings their spells over readers. There is no coming back from the Harry Potter Series. You go in it one version of yourself and come out a whole different person. She took the world of Fantasy and turned it on it's head; changing the perspective entirely. She continues to teach the young and old alike what true magic is. The magic lies within yourself and in the friends and support around you. The world has never been the same since Harry Potter entered it. I wouldn't want to live in a where Harry Potter didn't exist.

Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins:  Suzanne Collins challenged the YA scene with her epic series The Hunger Games. Her series was met with controversy but that never once detered it's readers from falling in love with it.  She fearlessly created a world that wasn't magical, not enchanting but terrifying. But admist all of the ugliness, Collins still showed us the hope and love will always rise above.

Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins: Crank, Glass and Fallout are just a fraction of the books that Ellen Hopkins has living on our shelves. Whether you've read her or not, you've heard of her. Ellen Hopkins has taken us down the road of drugs, addiction, prostitution and more. She gives us a glimpse into the very harsh realities that too many youth are faced with. There are moments during her books that you may cringe but that is such a noteworthy quality in my opinion. Hopkins makes you feel, she makes you react. She doesn't hid and tells no secrets. Everything is the bitter truth when it comes to her writing.

Stephenie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer: How can I make a list of breakthrough Female Ya authors without mentioning Stephanie Meyer?! Whether you love them or hate them, Meyer's catapulted into the scene with her Paranormal series, Twilight. She ignited a romantic flame into every pre-teen and teen out there. Not only did she put popularize the paranormal genre, but she gave her young readers there first real taste of true romance. And teens were not the only ones falling in love and fueding with fellow Team Edward or Team Jacob lovers, adults were all about this series as well. She united the book scene. She brought readers of all different ages into the same community. She gave us a common groud with fellow readers. If you read Twilight, you were a friend.

These are just a few of the authors that added their bricks to the beautiful path of female authors and YA literature!

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