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Gardenia by Kelly Sutton

Release Date: February 28th, 2017
Publisher: Diversion Books
Genre: Young Adult | Mystery and Thriller
Pages: 260 Pages
Series: N/A
Format: ARC
Source: From Publisher
Reason: For Review
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Seventeen-year-old Ivy Erickson has one month, twenty-seven days, four hours, fifty-nine minutes, and two seconds to live.
Ever since she was a child, Ivy has been able to see countdown clocks over everyone's heads indicating how long before they will die. She can't do anything about anyone else’s, nor can she do anything about her own, which will hit the zero hour before she even graduates high school.
A life cut short is tragic, but Ivy does her best to make the most of it. She struggles emotionally with her deep love for on-again, off-again boyfriend Myers Patripski. She struggles financially, working outside of school to help her mom and her sister. And she struggles to cope with the murder of her best friend, another life she couldn't save. Vanessa Donovan was killed in the woods, and everyone in town believes Ivy had something to do with it.
Then more girls start disappearing. Ivy tries to put her own life in order as she pieces together the truth of who ended Vanessa's. To save lives and for her own sanity.
The clock is always ticking. And Ivy's only hope is to expose the truth before it runs out completely.

I was immediately drawn to Gardenia by its premise; so intriguing. The idea was completely original to me and I couldn't wait to dive in!

We're introduced to Ivy Erickson. A seventeen year old girl who can see, like a cook timer over your head, the amount of time you have left to live. Would you call this a gift or a curse? Ivy's best friend was murdered and other girls are disappearing. Ivy takes matters into her own hands to try and find the Killer, but will she make it in time?

I was completely enthralled by Gardenia. Once I started, like cast under a spell, I could not put it down, and why would I? Kelly Sutton's writing was pure perfection. She created a very likeable character in Ivy, Myers, Lorna, and the other characters. She also delivered a story that packed so much punch, you simply had to read 'just one more chapter'.

The suspense will literally keep you on the edge of your seat. And Sutton does not give anything up easily. She is gifted at the art of keeping you hanging on! Throughout each chapter she gives you just a perfect little taste of what's coming, leaving you wanting more. She also adds to the definition of a cliff hanger. Each chapter leaving you dying to know what will happen next. Underneath all of this suspense though, is the unfolding of a beautiful love story. A story between sisters, mother and daughter and teenage romance. It was a wonderful undertone to the dark mystery.

Gardenia may come in a small package, at only 260 pages, but it's story is larger than life! It's a heart-pounding reading experience that will leave you wanting to devour Kelly Sutton's other work. Gardenia will give you a serious book hangover, but like other hangovers, this one won't leave you regretting a thing! I've already recommended this book to all of my bookworm friends, and I know that my copy will get lots of love, from me re-reading it, and passing it along to my friends.
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