Saturday, July 2, 2016

Genie in a Book: 3 Bookish Wishes

Have you every wished that you could read more books off your TBR pile or expand your bookshelves free of charge? We all have them, bookish wishes, big and small! Well Crazy Readers, what if we stumbled upon a lamp, and gave it a little rub and out popped a Book Genie, what 3 Bookish Wishes would bestow upon the genie? 

*And a wish for more wishes doesn't count...I'm on to you!*

My 3 Wishes
1.To read all of the book series' on my TBR pile. It's bad enough that I own so many stand alone novels that I have yet to read, but add in the book series' and it's sheer madness!

2.  To have an endless book-buying budget. Wouldn't it just be magical if you had an endless amount of money specifically for book-buying! Who needs food when you can read, am I right?!

I'll have all the book in the Young Adult section, please.

3. To have my very own, Beauty and the Beast-style Library. You want happiness, there it is right there!

So, you've rubbed the lamp! What are your wishes?

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  1. I would love the library in Beauty and the Beast. Or a library room in a home, in general. :) Lots of my books are on my floor bc my bookshelf is full :(

    I would also love a lot of $$$ to buy books. And I would like TIME to read all the books on my TBR lol

  2. Beauty and the Beast library for the win!! <3

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