Monday, June 6, 2016

Ramblings of A Crazy Bookworm: Gushing about Book to Strangers

Talking Books with Strangers

Do you ever find yourself out in public, maybe on the bus, in a store, at the gym, etc and find yourself face to face with a complete stranger who happens to hold in their delicate hands, a book that you absolutely adored? Of course you have! 

Some may smile to themselves and hope(to themselves) that they enjoy the book as much as you did...Well not me! Unfortunately for these said strangers, I can't keep my excitement to myself!

"Oh hi there! I see you have a copy of Me Before You. Isn't it SO good? Oh, you just started it? Well TRUST me, it is SOOO good!!!!!! You'll ugly cry your heart out!!!!"

That is generally how a conversation will go when I approach these poor unexpected folks. Sometimes, I am met with equal excitement and we gush for a few minutes. Other times, I am met with wide eyes and utter fear written all over their face.

Either way, I can't help but contain my excitement that they are about to embark on a lovely reading journey, and that I am envious of them for getting to experience this book for the first time!

So, I ask you fellow bookworms, do you approach bookey strangers? Comment and let me know!!
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  1. Hell yes! More so in bookshops or chatty areas (I tend to avoid people on public transport as people tend not to want to be bothered there). And if you ever came up to me we would have a jolly good conversation :D

  2. I do online, but not so much in person! I'm really shy, so I have trouble talking to people I don't know. But I love it when people come up to me first!


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