Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Invitation to Tea: Villains!

Invitation to Tea is a sporadic feature here on The Crazy Bookworm. Being a Tea and a book lover, how could I not create a feature like this?!

Today, I chat about the Book Villains I would love to invite to a tea party!

Invitation to Tea: Villains:

Mr Snow from The Hunger Games
I don't know if this is partial to my love of Donald Sutherland, but whateves! I would love to get inside this mans head!

Peter Van Houton from The Fault In Our Stars
Okay, not necessarily a villain BUT he is a very no-so-nice guy. I would love to get down to his raw self and learn more about this man. I think he has lived a life that made him shut out. Talk to me, Peter, talk to me!

Prince Humperdink from The Princess Bride
I actually can't stand this man, which is the exact reason he should attend my tea party!

Hook from Peter Pan
The story of Peter Pan is one of my most favourite stories of all! I would love to have Hook frighten us all over a cuppa tea!

Aro from Twilight
Okay, I know it wasn't in the book, but when I saw what he did to Carlisle in the movie, I wanted to do some serious damage to him!

Those are my Top 5 Villains I would love to pour tea with and Chat! 

What are some of your favourite Book Villains?

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