Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Book Lover's Gift Guide

Christmas List
More Books
Giftcards to Buy Books
Mug to drink tea when reading Books

Does that list look familiar? Whenever asked what I want for Christmas, my general Christmas lists will look like the list above.  And now that we are cracking down to the final stretch of Christmas shopping(only 15 days left till Christmas Day!) I thought I would share some of the BEST bookish gifts for the Bookworms in us and our friends and family!

The Crazy Bookworm's Holiday Guide

Literary Tee's
Out of Print

When I worked at the Bookstore we sold Literary Tee's from Out Of Print Clothing. And I absolutely loved them! Available in a wide variety of products!

Literary Totes, bags and pouches

Out of Print
Out of Print Clothing

Bedtime Story Duvet Cover

Bedtime Story Duvet...Um, yes!!

Personal Library Kit
Personal Library Kit for the readers that like to share their books!

Book Tent
For the outdoorsy reader. I think I would live in this Tent if I had it!

This gorgeous Pendant Shade!

Mr Darcy's proposal...ON A PILLOW! Yes, please!

For the reader that loves a good cocktail or two!

Literary Necklaces

This print for the classic lover on your list!

Read me a story nursery print - great gift for a book lover

Perfect for the new addition. How cute would this look in a nursery! 

Enchanted Library - Jam Jar Candle

Candles that smell like books.

Mosiso Slim Fit Retro Kindle Case Red - gifts for book lovers

E-Reader covers for the e-reader on your list.

Gifts for book lovers; Book Worm Wrap Ring

A bookworm ring wrap

This are just a few of the amazing bookish gifts that are out there in the world! I hope this guide helps you find that perfect gift for that perfect someone!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I love looking at bookish stuff on Etsy, Out of Print, and Society6. It's like my third favorite hobby behind reading and blogging :) The ring you have up there is adorable!!

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    replica omega:) The ring you have up there is adorable!!


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