Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Perks(and downside) of Dating a Bookworm

I consider myself very lucky for having such an understanding partner! It's not easy for a non-bookworm to understand the joys and woes of a bookworm. There are many perks to dating a bookworm but coming from my Fiance, there are some not so fun things about dating one(I know, he must be crazy!)

1.  Lazy Sundays

I am pro lazy Sundays. Hubby wants to stay in and watch the Football game? Sure! I have no problem curling up next to him with my nose in a book!

2.  Shopping for me is Easy!

My partner has never complained when it comes to buying me gifts for any occasion. When in doubt a Gift card to the bookstore suits me just fine!

3. Great Conversation

Dinner talk is never absent! I am always waiting to dish about the latest from my current read
Note from Fiance: This can sometimes be a downside. Most of the time, I have no idea what she is talking about because I have not read the book.

4. Road Trip, Let's go!

Always down for a road trip, as long as I can take books with me!

5.  Problem Solving

I can help you get through that because it happened to a book character!

The not so fun side...According to Mr. Crazy Bookworm

1. How many more bookshelves do I have to build?

That is a popular phrase in our household. It's about every 6 months my handyman hubby has to pound away in the garage to build be a new bookshelf to house my new treasures.

2. Turn the darn light off!

Yep. Another popular phrase. I have no problem staying up throughout the night to read but I guess when you have to get up for work at 5 a.m. that little light can be an issue.

3. Dragging me to every bookstore or book section

That's right! We cannot pass a bookstore without popping in.
And by "popping in" she means staying for at least an hour, browsing. 

4. You bought more books?! 

I think this one speaks for itself...

5. Books everywhere!

It doesn't matter how many bookshelves he builds. Books are still piling up on end tables, nightstands, shelves, etc.

What about you? Does your partner have any Bookworm complaints? Or perks?
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