Saturday, July 5, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

Top Ten Blogging Confessions

1. What do I blog about?! Sometimes I get stressed about what to blog about. You want to stand apart from the others or at least be on the same playing field as them, and sometimes that can add a little pressure!

2. So much to do so little time. I don't always have time to blog *gasp* The Horror! I feel so guilty when my blog falls to the back burner!

3. I don't really read "Classics" and the ones I have read, I didn't really enjoy. Okay Pride and Prejudice and To Kill a Mockingbird aside, most classics I have read I didn't like at all! 

4. I read and loved all the Twilight Books. Go ahead and judge me!

5. I don't always have time to comment back...And I hate that! Again, so much to do so little time! So if you haven't heard back from The Crazy Bookworm, please don't take it personally! I appreciate and love all of your comments and feedback!

6. I binge buy books and consider myself a book hoarder. My fiance is not happy right now as any spare space we have is being taken over my books...Including our walk in closet....

7. I sign up for TONS of Blogging/reading challenges yet almost fail at completing any of them. My intentions are good and I think "Finally, something that will hold be accountable to finally read these books, etc" but like my New Years Resolutions, they get forgotten about!

8. I CANNOT stand dog-earing or "damaging" my books in any way, yet I love buying used books and don't mind there well-loved physique. 

9.  I have to write it out: I blog better and produce better posts when I physically write them out(on paper, kiddies!) and then once I am happy with my final draft, I will type up my blog post. 

10. I am horrible at organizing my blog-related e-mails. I do get back to you, but usually I let all my e-mails collect, and by the end of the week I am frantically getting back to everyone at once. I need to get better organization skills!

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  1. I think it's so sad that we judge people whether or not they liked twilight! Honestly, I felt like the vibe about Twilight was so much better when the movies hadn't come out and we were solely focused on the book and it's presentation.

    By the way, I stress about putting out good blog content as well! You aren't alone there!


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