Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Far From You by Tess Sharpe

Far From You
Release Date: April 8th, 2014
Publisher: Hyperion
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 352 Pages
Series: None
Format: Arc
Source: From Publisher
Reason: For Review
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Nine months. Two weeks. Six days.That's how long recovering addict Sophie's been drug-free. Four months ago her best friend, Mina, died in what everyone believes was a drug deal gone wrong - a deal they think Sophie set up. Only Sophie knows the truth. She and Mina shared a secret, but there was no drug deal. Mina was deliberately murdered.Forced into rehab for an addiction she'd already beaten, Sophie's finally out and on the trail of the killer - but can she track them down before they come for her?

“Bad ideas are sometimes necessary." It sounds so much like an excuse, it's such an addict thing to say, that it makes my skin crawl.” 

Mysterious yet romantic, what's not to love?!

Haunting and nail biting Far From You had me sitting on the very edge of my bed seat! Reading through the night until I turned the very last page. I just couldn't put it down! Reaching the end of this novel was far more important than sleep...Which can be a regular thing with us Bookworms, am I right?

As a crazy bookworm I should know by now to always have the Kleenex close by, but no, I have still yet to learn my lesson. Please friends, take it from me, when you start reading Far From You keep the darn tissues right next to you because you will cry...A LOT!

I am absolutely shocked that this is a debut novel. Tess Sharpe's writing was so seasoned and well delivered, as if she has been writing literary gems for years. Clearly, she is a natural and I look forward to her future work!

Sophie was a truly beautiful character and when it came to Sophie and Mina's friendship/relationship my heart ached. 

This is novel that clearly should be experienced by the reader. There are not enough words or phrases I can use to urge you to read this book. Just. Do. It. You will not regret it! 

In One Word
Cover Love 

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  1. "There are not enough words or phrases I can use to urge you to read this book." You couldn't of said it better! I really love this book as well and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. It's super different and just overall amazing. I'm glad you loved it too! Awesome review Cathy!

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