Saturday, February 1, 2014

Let's Talk!

Good morning, readers!

I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are, because it is cold, cloudy and snowy where I am! How was everyone's first month into 2014? Any resolutioners out there? How are you doing on your goals?

Let's Talk is a feature that I want to start, and feature it on Saturdays. It gives us an opportunity to chat! 

What books did you read this week? 
See any movies? 
Anything you would recommend? 
Did you come across any cool new blogs this week that you think I need to check out? 
Did something hilarious happen to you that you just have to share? 

Whatever it is, I want to know. I want us to chat! In these posts, I will also update you on some of my weekly events as well! 

I am really trying to find a solid where to reach out and connect more with my readers! So please help me along with this feature, and Let's Talk!

My Weekly Happenings

I saw the movie Her. I would HIGHLY recommend it! When I first heard about the concept of this movie, I was really unsure how they would pull it off; But they did and it worked! You can totally see how, in this futuristic world, someone could fall in love with and OS(Operating system). Weird, I know, but check it out!

I finished reading The F-It List and The Demonologist. Reviews to come next week!

I started reading The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks...He can't do no wrong!

I came across this really awesome Tumblr book blog. I definitely recommend checking it out! 

Watched The Fault in Our Stars movie trailer a dozen times. Seriously, I CANNOT wait for this movie. What were your thoughts on the trailer?

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