Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let's Talk: A vest that would make us FEEL the books emotions...

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This week has been so busy for me! Full of some Yoga goodness, too! Aside from that though, my manager shared a really weird wacky interesting article with me at work Friday, and I just couldn't wait to share it with you. It's called Sensory Reading and it's a vest that you would wear that what makes us FEEL exactly what the characters we are reading about feel. SAY WHAT? No jokes here friends!

"You know the power of a great book. It transports you, taking you into another place and time. But if well-written prose and the power of your imagination aren't enough, a few clever engineers at MIT have come up with a wearable vest that hooks up to an e-book to enhance your reading experience even more".

Sounds pretty cool, but I couldn't even imagine me wearing one of these while reading The Fault in Our Stars or The Book Thief, or ANY Nicholas Sparks book. I would feel sorry for any poor soul near me having to witness this:

or this


or any other feels I experience during a novel!

What are YOUR thoughts on this high tech vest thingy? Would you want one or at least want to try it?

Let's Talk!
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  1. That is just a little bit too creepy. I don't understand how a vest can help you feel things more, but why would you want to increase your sadness at reading a sad book?

  2. That vest is a terrible idea, I think!

    Every reader experiences the emotions and occurrences in every book on different levels. I'd hate to impose a certain level of emotion on someone, or prohibit how they would have felt it. Also, I get kind of annoyed in romance books when their hearts won't stop fluttering, although it's a fantastic sensation in real life :)

    This is definitely giving me something to think about! By the way, I love NPR.

  3. It's not an actual emotional feeling that they inspire it's all physical.

    "-Light (the book cover has 150 programmable LEDs to create ambient light based on changing setting and mood)
    -Personal heating device to change skin temperature (through a Peltier junction secured at the collarbone)
    -Vibration to influence heart rate
    -Compression system (to convey tightness or loosening through pressurized airbags)"

    If you can't be bothered feeling sad about the character then you won't. But if the character is feeling a shortness of breath cause say, they are crying or running etc, then you'll have a slight shortness of breath. I would just find it uncomfortable and awkward if I couldn't stand the character lol.


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