Monday, December 23, 2013

Vlog! I answer YOUR questions!

A few weeks ago I announced a new feature where I want you guys to learn more about me, Cathy, the person behind The Crazy Bookworm. I asked you to submit your questions(They can be about ANYTHING) and here I am just answering a few. I would love for this feature to take off, so please hop on the band wagon and let's make this fun!

Below the video you can find ways to contact me to submit your questions(Anonymously or not).

Thanks, lovey's!

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I will answer any questions in upcoming Youtube videos that I WILL post on The Crazy Bookworm!

How does that sound? I hope you guys like the idea of this feature and choose to participate!

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  1. -The notebook, oh my, that is one of the few movies that can make me cry!
    -Haha, I have a very bad type of humor too! So I recognize myself there.
    -I loved your answer on the 'character' question!
    -I like the change my style too. My moods change all the time.
    -Breaking Bad was so good! I watched all 5 seasons this year in.. 2 months, I believe. I did a marathon with my boyfriend. I don't know the other series, so I'll take a look at them.

    This was fun! :)

    1. Ohh! You'll love the other shows. So addicting. My fiance and I did a BB marathon as well. It was soo hard not to watch ahead ;)

      Thank you for the awesome questions! I had a blast answering them for you!

  2. Aw, great video! You're so cute. This is a fun idea. I'll definitely think up some good questions to ask.


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