Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book Blogger Confession: No time to read!

When there is no time(or urge) to Read

I know it sounds horrible, but it's true. As a crazy bookworm, you'd think I'd have a book in my hand every waking moment. But, alas, that it not the case. For example, this month. With Yoga Teaching Training, working and my other activities, I have just not had the time to read! Now, add on Christmas shopping and social gatherings, and it feels like I have zero time for anything, let alone anytime to myself! 

The little bit of time I do have, I want to spend catching up with my fiance or catching a movie. I simply don't have the urge to read in that time, because it feels my mind is racing with 8 million things, that I just don't have the focus right now.


Does anyone else get like this. Where you schedule doesn't allow you that much reading time? How do you cope or deal?

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  1. I get like that alot. Because I have 2 kids. I try to schedule my reading when everyone is asleep. Its calm and quiet. Even if I have to read a page a day. :) it will get better.

  2. I always feel like this around the holidays or planning for a big vacation. Lately it has been that I'm back in school which leaves no time for fun reading. I try to fit in audio books where I can.

  3. I probably should not feel like this very often but lately I do find that my time for reading is limited. I have been trying to do my reading more in the mornings when the house is quiet and I have not started my day officially.

  4. I get like this when life gets busy, especially with the holiday season. Audiobooks are the best. I still get to experience a good story, but I can do other things at the same time. Other times I tell my husband to look after the kids while I lie in bed and get lost in my book.

  5. Great suggestions, friends! I will definitely have to try these! <3

  6. Try audiobooks. I have never tried it, but have been so busy too that everyone keeps telling me to do it.

  7. I try to read on the Train ride to work at times. This seems to be the only time that I get to read these days with the holidays. I also try to allocate one hour for reading.

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  8. I try to read on my way to school and before I got to sleep. Those two moments provide me at least with some reading time when I'm busy. When I'm free, I like to divide my time between reading and other hobbies (like gaming or watching TV shows/movies)

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