Sunday, December 1, 2013

A New Feature...Say What?!

That's right! The Crazy Bookworm is starting a new feature, but I need YOU to help make it happen. I am always wondering about the person behind the blog. We bond with one another based on the books we read. We share the same taste in some of our much loved books, but we may have so much more in common! I want to start a new feature, that allows YOU to ask me anything you want. Any burning questions or curiosities you may have about The Crazy Bookworm, or about the person behind the blog, Cathy. I want you to get to know ME. Who knows, maybe we'll share the same love for weird food, or we love the same movie. Maybe, we both have the same obsession love for Hanson(That would be AWESOME!) 

These questions will NOT be answered in the typical blog post. I will take your questions, and answer them in a video, so you'll get to see me! And I can answer you sincerely. I want you to get to know me, and my personality!

Below, I will provide you with multiple options where you can reach me with your question(or questions!) You can remain anonymous if you choose!

I really hope you enjoy this feature, as I want you guys to know the person behind The Crazy Bookworm!

Ask Me a Question:

I will answer any questions in upcoming Youtube videos that I WILL post on The Crazy Bookworm!

How does that sound? I hope you guys like the idea of this feature and choose to participate!

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  1. What a fun idea! :D

    1. If you have to pick 3 movies to represent you, which books would you pick?
    2. If you have to choose a character you can identify yourself with, which character would that be and why?
    3. How would you describe your clothes (do you dress romantic, are you more a skater etc?)
    4. Do you watch many TV shows and if you do, what are your favorite ones?
    5. If you are allowed to read books from only ONE genre for the rest of your life, which genre would that be?

    1. *the first question is of course "which movies would you pick?"

  2. Thank you so much for these awesome questions! I can't wait to answer them for you! Stay tuned this week for the video :D

  3. i want to ask you about your favourite book and why you choose this book specifically?
    Also i'd like to know your favourite movie...

    can't wait to see your answer... thanks :)

  4. This one is my recent favourite from 'Forgive me Leonard Peacock' by Matthew Quick:
    “Don’t do it. Don’t go to that job you hate. Do something you love today. Ride a roller coaster. Swim in the ocean naked. Go to the airport and get on the next flight to anywhere just for the fun of it. Maybe stop a spinning globe with your finger and then plan a trip to that very spot; even if it’s in the middle of the ocean you can go by boat. Eat some type of ethnic food you've never even heard of. Stop a stranger and ask her to explain her greatest fears and her secret hopes and aspirations in detail and then tell her you care because she is a human being. Sit down on the sidewalk and make pictures with colorful chalk. Close your eyes and try to see the world with your nose — allow smells
    to be your vision. Catch up on your sleep. Call an old friend you haven’t seen in years. Roll up your pant legs and walk into the sea. See a foreign film. Feed squirrels. Do anything! Something! Because you start a revolution one decision at a time, with each breath you take. Just don’t go back to that miserable place you go every day. Show me it’s possible to be an adult and also be happy. Please. This is a free country. You don’t have to keep doing this if you don’t want to. You can do anything you want. Be anyone you want.”

  5. Oops! I just realized I commented on the wrong post! :/ My apologies!

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