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All Hallows Eve Blog Tour: What Goes Bump in the Night with Heather Hildenbrand + 2 Giveaways!!!

Top 5 Things That Made My Bladder Weak as a Kid:
1. The dark. I was epically afraid. The shadows moved, the furniture turned to monsters, I couldn’t let my feet hang out of the covers OR over the edge of the bed. Monsters were always waiting to grab my feet and bite off my toes. And I needed my toes. They were handy. Didn’t matter I had nine extra if one got bit off. I am very fond of my toes. #NoToeBitingMonsters #GoHome Also—we didn’t have central air growing up. So even in the middle of summer, when it was eighty degrees in my room at night, I slept with full sheets AND blankets. #Bettertobesafe It was the only way I could protect my body while I slept. #MonsterLogic

2. My dad. This MIGHT be where my fear of the dark came from. His favorite thing in the whole world was hiding behind a door or in some dark crevice and jumping out when I walked by. As I got older, it became a game and we did it to each other, but as a kid, it meant no patch of shadows was safe. The worst was one night, walking home from my neighbor’s house. We didn’t live in a subdivision. We lived on 5 acres of mostly woods. The nearest neighbor was ¼ mile away. Walking the gravel, tree-lined DARK road one night (why did I wait so long to come home????), he jumped out of the woods and yelled. I peed a little. (The beginning of a lifetime of scaredy-cat-weak bladder) and my one friend jumped CLEAR onto  another friend’s back and yelled at her to run. #geniusescapeplan #minimaleffort Now, it sounds hilarious but at the time it was like every nightmare come to life. I was like, “we’re all gonna die. The end.”

3. Scary movies. We weren’t allowed to watch these as a kid. Partly because I was born a wuss and partly because my parents were busy raising me as a Southern Baptist conservative Jesus-lover and anything above a PG rating was the pathway to Hell. (My mom let me stay up one night and watch Dick Tracy with her and swore me to life-long secrecy or Hell. Guess which is happening now?) Because nothing visual and scary existed in my home world, when I was eleven, I spent the night at a friend’s house and let her show me Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I cried myself to sleep that night. For real. At her house. In her room. All. Night. #Nomorescaryforme As an adult, I watched Scream and didn’t sleep for two weeks. #ImstillyourgirlJesus

4. Fire. THIS is the fear that kept me up at night. Not monsters eating my toes. Not people jumping out from behind the bathroom door (good thing for my bladder he always did that when I left instead of entered.) I was so terrified my house would catch on fire and get so out of control while we slept that we wouldn’t be able to escape. And our house was a ranch. I had two windows in my bedroom. Escaping wouldn’t have been difficult. But there it was. Eating away at my subconscious. For no good reason. I think my body liked being afraid. 

5. Roosters. Stay with me here. We had chickens when I was a kid. A whole henhouse full of those fu—I  mean, cluckers. The hens weren’t too bad. They were more skittish than me on a back country road at midnight. But the rooster… he wasn’t scared. And he wasn’t backing down. If you came too close, he was going to peck your eyes out. Well… if your eyes were on your feet. Seriously, he was evil. I didn’t care so much about the crowing at dawn as I did about the “I will come at you like a spider-monkey” attitude he took on the MOMENT you entered the pen. My brother had to save me with a baseball bat once. No lie. #solidreasontofear

That’s my list. Well, the top 5 anyway. There were undoubtedly more but these kept me up at night for sure. For that reason, Halloween is only fun if it’s the kid-cartoony-glitter-on-cardstock sort of occasion. Otherwise, RUN AWAY! 

What were you afraid of?

In honor of creepy-ness for Halloween, I am offering a free e-book copy of Imitation, Book 1 in the Clone Chronicles, up for grabs to one winner. If you haven’t read it yet, let me say this: What could be creepier than another YOU hidden somewhere until its needed to save you from your own death?

About Heather

I am a mother to two adorable children who are both so much like me, I'm scared of their teenage years and open to six-figure offers from anyone who wants to handle the 13-17 age range.
I live in coastal Virginia and I work from home, part time, as a property manager. I write YA paranormal romance and I read it, too, so if you know of a great book/series, feel free to suggest it. Some of my faves are Twilight, Hunger Games, and the Mortal Instruments series. #TeamJace #TeamPeeta #TeamJacobbutEdwardishottoo #AlsoImightbeaddictedtohashtags
When I'm not writing or reading, I'm chasing my kids around the house or I'm lying on the beach, soaking in those delicious, pre-cancerous rays.
I love Mexican food, hate socks with sandals, and if my house was on fire, the one thing I’d grab is my DVR player.

Heather is awesome enough to offer one lucky winner a copy of her #perfectforhalloween ebook!
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All Hallows Eve Giveaway
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  1. I also made sure all my appendages were safely tucked into sheets and blankets and not hanging from the bed. We had an old grandfather clock that clanged all night and sounded like someone creeping up the stairs. As I was the only one in a bedroom on the top floor, it was pretty scary.

  2. Lol, loved the post and trust me I more than understand the Rooster one. Still can't stand the critters and it's been more years than I care to think about since I've been around one. And while I love scary movies I can't watch them at night or I have nightmares for a month and no slasher movies. Something about being cut up, chopped up or otherwise maimed by a sharp object makes me cringe. Worst fear for me though is any dark small area with creepy crawlies in it. I can do small dark areas or I can do creepy crawlies but the combination makes goose bumps come out and I freeze up.

  3. Thanks for participating in the blog tour.

  4. I don't think that scaring people is funny at all. Fire is very scary.

  5. I don't have any scary experience till now. Your blog is full of scariness and funny also. I liked this post. Thank you for sharing.


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