Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Alison Can Read Feature & Follow

Q: Give us a Tour of your favourite reading spots

On the couch

More specifically, this spot!

Next to my fireplace in the fall/winter months

On the bench(or big rock) at the pond around the corner from my house

If you enjoy your visit then please do stop by again and say Hi!

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  1. I SO wish I had a fireplace to read by! Great nooks! :D Old follower.

    My FF

  2. All your spots like great!
    Here is mine:

  3. I really like your spot in front of your fire place. One of these days I will have a small room filled with books with a fire place and a very comfy chair.

    New bloglovin follower

    My FF

  4. wow That couch looks so comfy!! I have always wanted a couch like that!!

    I'm a new GFC Follower

    Sarah @ The Ultimate Bookworms

    Here is my FF.

  5. Your couch looks very cozy :) Do you really sit on the floor in front of your fireplace? Or just near it, on the couch? :)

    Current follower.
    Julie @ Chapter Break

  6. I love reading outside, it's so peaceful. new follower via GFC and Bloglovin' :D

    Crim Reviews

  7. Your couch looks very comfortable :) And I'm a little jealous that you have such a lovely place right around the corner.
    Old bloglvoin' follower

    My FF

  8. Oh, reading by a fire sounds lovely! This was a fun idea. Now I have to think about all the places that I go read. Actually, I read doing everything. I've been known to read while putting the dishes away, and folding laundry. To me, it's all about multitasking. No wonder I'm exhausted by five in the afternoon :)

  9. This sounds so amazing. I can't wait to read it.


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