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Author Spotlight: Jesse Petersen, Author of Married with Zombies


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Jesse’s life as a writer began when her husband made the brilliant observation that she was much happier writing than doing anything else. So she took the plunge and decided to do that full-time. After many years and many books in different sub-genres, she was bitten by the zombie bug (not a zombie, but the bug) and took off on a zany adventure into the world of Urban Fantasy. Soon zombies were not enough and now she is poised to take over the world with her not-so-normal paranormal stories which inject dark humor into uncommon circumstances.
When not coming up with stories about the weird and wonderful she lives in Tucson, AZ, with her high school sweetheart husband and two cats. She plays video games, hangs out with her favorite nephews, hikes in the beautiful mountains, watches wayyyyy too much reality TV (and some really good scripted TV), ponders all things geekish and madly scribbles notes on her next idea while she laughs at people who still have to shovel snow.- Source: Jesse Peterson Website
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Talking Zombies with Jesse Petersen

Describe yourself in 3 words

Driven, self-critical, funny. 
When your not writing, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Spare time? No, I'm kidding. I write A LOT and spent A LOT of time promoting books and stuff, too. BUT when I do have spare time I like to read, I make geeky jewelry (which I sell on Etsy), I like video games and TV shows. I also love spending time with my husband and our two nephews, who I adore. I try hard to be more well-rounded with my "spare time" since it's easy for me to get very wrapped up in writing/publishing.

I absolutely loved every minute of reading Married with Zombies. It was so refreshing reading a zombie novel with a comedic twist! Was that your original intention? Or did the comedy pop up later?

It was really a comedy from the beginning. My idea was always a couple on the brink of divorce, forced to kill their marriage counselor and use her advice to escape the zombie apocalypse.  Snarky, sarcastic and funny were the tones I was going for. :)

What was the writing process for this book like? 

I honestly began writing it only to entertain myself. I write romances under other names and they are fairly dark and sexy, so when I began writing MWZ, it was for my own edification. I did not plot it, I just went with it. But pretty soon my agent got wind of what I was doing and read some of it and told me we could sell it, that there was a market. Still, it was very different for me than any of my other books (including the next two in the series, FLIP THIS ZOMBIE and EAT SLAY LOVE). I wrote it very quickly (about 3 weeks) and we sold it within a couple of months of me beginning to write it.

Would you survive a Zombie Apocalypse? And if so, what would your survival tactic be?

I would hope so. I'm a good shot and I don't like goo, so I'd avoid getting too much into blood or guts and getting infected that way. If I could keep my head (ha!!) about me in the first few days, I think I'd settle into just getting through it. I hope. Maybe. We'll see.... 
There seems to be different types of Zombies? For example, Night of the Living Dead's slow, brain eating zombies VS 28 Day's Later's fast, rage fuelled Zombies. Which type of the undead to you prefer?

My zombies are kind of a combo. They are slow moving until they get a whiff of their food. Then they get fast on the hunt. I definitely had to be careful about the movement of zombies. It's a big debate point for zombie enthusiasts. 

If you could put together the Ultimate Zombie Fighting team who would it consist of? (You can chose anyone!)

My husband. My Dad and Mom. Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. Seems like Max Brooks knows what he's talking about, so he'd be good... Sarah and Dave obviously.

What is your favourite Zombie Past-time (ie.Movies, books or video games)

I probably prefer movies to anything else in the genre (though I do love a good zombie book). Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland is the tone I like (surprise, surprise, funny). I like lightness to my horror. 

Aside from Zombies, What is one guilty pleasure that you have?

I'm semi-addicted to Vanilla Coke Zero. I'm trying to break it, but caffeine in cold format is my thing. 
Bump in the Night with Jesse Peterson

Your Zombie Movie? (I know, you probably get ask all the time!!) 


What was your favourite halloween costume as a child? 

I had a clown costume my Mom made that was THE BOMB.

Your favourite Halloween treat? 
Anything chocolate. I'm also a fan of paydays.

You have to spend the night in a haunted house, but you can invite 3 people with you(fact or fiction, dead or alive) who would you invite?
Again, my husband, I like taking him places and he's calm, which is helpful. My friend Stacey Graham writes about ghosts, so I'd bring her as she's an expert. And maybe that guy from Paranormal State, the ghost show on TV? He's kind of douchey, but he has tons of equiptment.

Scariest book you've read?
The Stand by Stephen King.

You favourite horror movie?
I like Paranormal Activity (original). It scared the bejeezus out of me.
Thank you so much for stopping by! It was a pleasure having you!

Thanks for having me!! :) 
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