Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Book Blogger Confessions

Welcome to the....Library!

How often do you take advantage of your local library? *Counting hands* I used to LOVE going to my library as a child and checking out a bag full of books to devour for 3 weeks. When I hit about 13 years old, I pretty much stopped going. 

I would like to thank my 3 year old Niece for lighting the Library spark back up! I decided to take her to the Library one day to pick out some books as we were going to have her for the weekend. Enter my rekindled love! I have completely forgot how amazing EPIC the Library is!

Yes, I am one of those readers that love to add books to my bookshelves and hope to one day have a lavish, Beauty and the Beast style library, but sometimes those books can break the wallet. The Library has saved me some cash, given me an opportunity to read those books that have been on my wish list for ages. And, it has also given my Fiance a break from having to build me new bookshelves...again....

Do you visit your local library? What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Yes I do visit the library, usually online, but have not done this for awhile now. Thanks for the library reminder.

  2. I work at my local library part-time, so I probably use it more than I should. I cannot even tell you how many books I have checked out right now, but I know it is a ridiculous amount. I love the library. Have always loved it. And will always love it. My library is part of my city's system, so I can literally get almost any book I want delivered to my library. Love it. Yay library love!

  3. I take the kids weekly during the summer, but I admit I hardly use it during the year. Luckily, we have a new feature where I can "order" books from my library and have them delivered to a drop box near my house. It takes several weeks for the books to arrive, but I plan on using this often this year!

  4. I wish my local library was better, it's mostly just for kids (which is great) so I don't visit often. I remember going to the library as a child, I loved getting out a new book.

  5. Well I am fourteen, and I use it a TON during the summer. I actually have 5 books checked out right now! I don't use it a lot during the school year, but I'm hoping to this year. I'm in such so short distance from it that I can actually bike to it! I usually go once a month during the summer, except for a few instances. It is a good money saver for books, and the good thing is, is books you can't find on bookstore shelves, your destined to find at the library.


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