Tuesday, July 16, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 9


Question: Why Do You Blog About Books? 
I blog about books so my poor Fiance and friends didn't have to fake interest anymore. Haha, just kidding!

My Fiance is a reader of non-fiction and true crime. Most of my friends don't read. When gushing about the latest book, they would be nodding and smiling but there would always be a glazed over look in their eyes(Looking back on it, they were pretty awesome for going along with it!) When Julie and Julia first came out, my fiance and I went to go see it in the theatre, and when she started blogging about the recipes she was cooking, my light bulb went off. Why don't I blog about the books I read? That way, I can gush, express my feelings, and no longer have to torture my family and friends. I am a very passionate person, especially about books, so having another outlet to express my thoughts on them was fantastic!

Before I started blogging, I never had a clue how grand and amazing the book blogosphere was. And boy, am I every glad I got to join this wonderful family! 

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  1. Great question, great answer :) I started for much the same reason. No one in my "real" life cared about books and I NEEDED people to chat with about them. I've found my people and I'm SO glad!

  2. I agree with Jennifer, great question and great answer :)

    Same exact reason for me, my friends read, but not like I read; two books a year is a lot for them, I read a minimum of 50.

    I love how massive I keep discovering the book blogging community is, it's delightful.

  3. My friends all read adult. I think I'm the only one that reads YA.I know exactly what you mean by your friends just "going along with it.'

    Book Blog Challenge #9

  4. As I said in the Google+ Group - I just like sharing my pleasure in books that I enjoyed best. I could recommend books to my friends, but I want to reach a wider public. Admittedly, my taste is eclectic. Escapism isn't my cup of tea! I love the classics of all times and books conveying deep thought.

  5. I loved the movie Julie and Julia, although I can't cook worth a damn. I still haven't figured out how to NOT burn the first two pieces of toast I put in the toaster oven.

    Most of my friends that read prefer Harlequin romance and James Patterson novels, which are NOT the type of books I like. We do have some middle ground with paranormal romance books, however I'm not about to gush over which "team" I'm on. Its just so not me.

  6. I belonged to a book club for quite a while with a group of friends. We would take it in turns to choose a book, the school teacher of the group would send an e-mail suggesting another one for that month and so everyone drifted toward that (usually something depressing). It's nice to be able to read about books with people of a common interest and I've found so many new-to-me authors through blogging friends. It's a great community.


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