Saturday, July 13, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 6!

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

Day 5: Describe How You Shop for Books

I work at a bookstore. An awesome, independent chain right in my little city(Yes, Best. Job. Ever!) I used to manage there but left(then returned) as a Sales Associate so I could focus my time on my other passions and endeavours. Although I do browse used bookstores, Chapters, and Book Depository weekly, most of my book shopping comes from my store(and a 20% employee discount sure helps, too!)

My shopping consists of browsing the new stock we get in, and putting it in my hold drawer/cupboard before it even hits the shelves. Thankfully, our store is a discount store(but all the books are new) so we sell amazing books for almost half the price. Most of the books I buy every 2 weeks are no more than 7.99. My  $50 book allowance can definitely go a long way!

When not shopping at the store I work at. I usually spend a Saturday Morning browsing the little local shops in my downtown and uptown area. 

I usually take money earned through affiliate programs to go towards by Book Depository purchases. Or I'll use them to pay for shipping when sending out giveaways!
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  1. As for me, I'm an American ex-pat in Berlin, so the choices of books is quite limited until I decide to learn German better. However, we've got a great bookstore in Berlin with a huge separate English bookstore inside, and I go there with my family and wander around for, oh, hours. My little son is obsessed with books, so it becomes almost an entire afternoon activity.

  2. Such an interesting post! To me, a bookstore is one of the most beautiful places!

  3. YOU are so lucky! Working in a bookstore is my dream job!


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