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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Day 1

Hello Bloggers/Readers!

So, the epic April over at Good Books Good Wine has this AH-MAZ-ING idea that she posted about yesterday. You can learn more about it here. The challenge is kicking off today, and I am so excited to be taking part! Head on over, check it out and hey, why not participate yourself?!

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

Make 15 Book Related Confessions

1. I sleep with post-it notes and a pen next to my bed so I can track all of my favourite quotes and passages. 

2. I haven't read many classics BUT I am working on changing that. I have a 2 rows on my book shelves dedicated to classics, and I am slowly making my way through them. 

3. I re-face and re-organize  my own bookshelves monthly. I like to change up how I put them in order. Right now, I have them organized by Publisher. I think I'll do colour next!

4. If I end up really loving a book. I want to own all of the editions they are offered in...Hardcover, Paperback, UK, etc(Do I have a problem?)

5. I can't walk past a bookstore without going inside...Okay, and maybe staying an insanely long time. 

6. Every week when I play the lottery, I always imagine creating my dream library

7. I liked loved the Twilight Books(and I will say it loud and proud!)

8. I don't lend out books because as soon as they are out of my possession, I am in a constant panic. Are they being cared for properly?!

9. If I accidentally break a book spine or one of my books suffer a casualty(spilled drink, dropped in puddle, etc) it will ruin my day. Wwwwhhhyyyy?!

10. My Favourite Seasons are Winter and Summer. So I can read by my crackling fire in the Winter and laze in the sun reading in the Summer. 

11.  My "Hold" drawer at work never fits in the drawer. I have to pile the books I want to buy in a spare cupboard...I work at a Bookstore.

12. I have to fight the urge to purchase rescue books from garage sales are thrift stores. 

13. I can't leave the house without a book in my purse. Even if it is a 700 page hardcover. Thank goodness for big purses!

14. I love when a book makes me cry. Who doesn't like a good cry every now and then?

15. I haven't read The Harry Potter Series yet. *Gasp* I know, I am like the worst person ever! I do own them, so I plan will read them soon!

Phew! That felt good. It's great to get that off my chest!

What are your book confessions?
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  1. I also didn't read Harry Potter even though I really plan to someday and as for other secrets - when I was a kid I was so influenced by "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S Lewis, I stood in my Mom's wardrobe every day hoping to get to Narnia!

  2. A lot of your confessions are the same as mine!! I have gotten a bit less book-OCD...but not much. I pick and choose who I can trust with my precious little babies, but the day I lent a signed book (what was I on that day???) to my friend I spent the whole night worrying about it...what if she was mugged? What if her cat got to it? What if her house burnt down and my book with it?!?!! Luckily, none of the aforementioned happened, and she's such a fast reader it was back in my loving arms the next day. I love a good book cry too! Have you read The Fault In Our Stars? How about Ways To Live Forever? You really should. And a great YA historical/romance/fantasy is the Dreaming Anasasia trilogy by Joy Preble, AND, if you REALLY want someone to rip out your heart, stomp on it and put it through a blender, read the Strange Angels series by Lili St have been warned! Reviews of all the aforementioned can be found on my blog, spoiler-free, if you're interested.

  3. Haha. Some of my confessions relate to your confessions - especially about organizing books by color and Harry Potter.

    I liked Twilight, too! Nothing wrong with that at all. I actually get really upset that it is so trendy for people bash it nowadays. I mean, of course not everyone will like it, and that's totally fine. But it feels like people just want to bash it because it's trendy. And then people who like it are embarrassed to say they like it. Not cool!

    1. Re: Twilight Yes, this! You said it much better than I did, but I wrote about it on my own list. I know several people who liked Twilight until they realized how trendy it is to hate it.

  4. Love the books that make me cry. And there are not a lot lol
    Great post!

  5. #13 is exactly why I bought an e-reader! Save the shoulders!

  6. I would envy you working in a bookstore except that if I worked there, we would likely be homeless. I would owe the bookstore all of my paycheck and most of my hubbys every week after pilfering their shelves. I can just picture it, every time someone brought a book to my register I would suddenly realize "Hey, I want to read that too!"

    I rescue books from yard sales too!

    1. Donna my dream job is to work in a bookstore or a library, I just love to share my love for books and even if I could get ONE non-reader to start reading, I'd have done my job. However, I would mostly be like you and would be spending my future pay already in "book holds" LOL.

  7. I just barely read the first Harry Potter book-no judgement. LOL

  8. Loved your confessions! It's interesting that you haven't read Harry Potter but, no judgement! I loved them! I also LOVED Twilight! I am a twihard and am OK with that! You may like a couple of my confessions about Twilight and Harry Potter haha!
    Brittany @ Spare Time book blog

  9. 4. Haha, maaaaybe, but it is a PRETTY problem I bet (especially when it comes to UK covers, a lot of those are amazing)!

    6. OOOOH nice! I'd definitely want one of those shiny ladders to ride around my library ala Belle in Beauty and the Beast :D

    13. I pretty much only buy big purses because of this. I have a lot of stuff to carry, OK?

    14. YES.

    15. *tsk tsk* ;)

    Great list! Can't wait to stop by tomorrow :)

  10. That's so smart to sleep with post its next to your bed for the purpose of quotes!

    Oh my gosh I LOVE winter reading, it's the one time I do not feel guilty for staying inside and reading.

    Also also, like you I cannot walk past a book store without going in, I physically can't.

    I also never go anywhere without a book on my person!

  11. YAY! So many things on your list could be on MY list, too. I especially identify with needing all the editions of a book I LOVE LOVE LOVE: I did the same exact thing with The Scorpio Races. I have the hardcover, the paperback, the audio--all I need is the UK edition to complete my English-language collection! (Trust me, it's on my to-buy list, too!)
    I wish I had the energy and time to reorganize my bookshelves ever month! Although I don't think I'd change my system, but I would put different books in my rotation, as it were. I have so many piles on my floor!
    I've got my fingers crossed that you do get to the Harry Potter books soon! They are SO INCREDIBLY GOOD.
    Great List!

  12. snuggling uunder the covers with a good book is my favorite reading spot. and I haven't read Harry Potter yet but own all the books as well *gasp* and I started Twilight but could not finish it *double gasp*. this blogging challenge is a great idea!

  13. #8 (and consequently #9) - You and me both!! I've re-started my "rescue" of used books again, and thankfully, b/c they're usually priced so cheap, The Wife doesn't freak out on my purchases. I mean, rescues. Good post!

  14. Wow-organizing your bookshelves every month? I'm lucky if I can do that once a year. They need it for sure but it seems so daunting to go through.

  15. OMG the pen and paper by the bed is a brilliant idea!!!

    Lindsey from Lindsey from Babies, Books, and Beyond


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