Tuesday, July 9, 2013

15 Day Blogger Challenge: Day 2!

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My bedtime reading ritual is actually pretty basic! I am a very routine person, so I am usually in bed(during the week) around the same time, give or take a half hour or so. My Fiance and I are both readers, so we turn down the bed, give our dogs a final snuggle, click on our lamps and read. 

My book of choice when reading is usual one from my personal library, not a book that is for review. It gives me time to catch up on my own TBR Pile! 

*Right now my bedtime reads are To Kill a Mockingbird and Wanderlove*

I always make sure I have a pen and my post-its close by in case I come across a passage or quote I want to remember. After about an hour or so, We put down our books and discuss them with each other a little bit. We also do this throughout our reading! 

That's it! I know, sounds pretty boring, eh? But I wouldn't change it for anything! I look forward to that hour Every. Single. Night!

What is your Bedtime Reading Ritual?
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  1. I too love to read before sleeping :)

  2. I wish my husband liked to read and discuss books with me!! That's a good idea to have time set aside to read books from your personal library.

  3. I always read before bed. I can't sleep if I don't take that hour of time to relax and read. It is so important to me.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful reading ritual for bedtime! I wish my hubby were a reader too. Sometimes I go to the couch so I can have the lght on and just read without "when are you gonna turn the light off?" every 10 minutes..lolz..
    Scandalous Bedtime Reading Rituals

  5. This sounds like an excellent and relaxing ritual! To Kill a Mockingbird is good, and I've heard wonderful things about Wanderlove!

    My nighttime reading ritual.

  6. I read until the words become fuzzy, then I sleep!

  7. I like your idea of not reading a review book before bed. Maybe I'll try that out! That seems way less stressful!


  8. Doesn't sound like a boring night to me at all. Sounds like a good solid plan for getting through some books that have been on your TBR list for a while. Plus I love that both you and your fiance read and discuss your books. My husband reads, but not near as much as I do.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier.
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know


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