Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Those Books You Can't Live Without!

We all have those book memories. Those long or short walks to the library, stroking the book spines on the shelves. Pulling out one that caught your eye and curling up in the corner preparing to be whisked away. 

We all have those books. The books that never quite left us. The books that stay embedded in our heart, and that we long to revisit. There is nothing like cracking open that favourite and revisiting some old friends. Whether we are battling monsters, slaying dragons, spicing up some witches brew or living on a farm with a girl and her beloved pig and spider.

They can be old loves or new favourites, we all have them!

The Books I Can't Live Without

Charlotte's Web
My hard copy of Charlotte's Web is very loved. The Spine is cracked, and it has weathered some storms, but it will always remain one that I revisit as often as I can. Even if I just flip it open and read a passage or two!

Twilight (Twilight, #1)
This book is one of my favourites for a few different reasons. It reignited by love for reading. For some reason, I went a few years barely reading. Then, because of the craze, I picked up Twilight, and it reminded me how magical reading can be. When a book can remind you of that passion, I think it deserves a spot on your "Can't live without" book list!

Love You Forever
Can I read this book without crying yet? NO! This was one of my mother's favourites to read to us when we were children. It is now an obvious go-to when reading to my Niece, and will be one when I have children of my own someday.

This book will be one that I will re-read any chance I can get! I try to revisit these amazing characters/friends at least once a year..Sometimes twice! Andy and Alex take up a lot of room in my heart!

Between Shades of Gray
Again, another character that will never leave me; Lina. When I admire my bookshelves from time to time, I still stop on this book and can hear Lina's story all over again.

The Fault in Our Stars
I was not surprised when this one won Goodreads Choice 2012. This books is nothing short from perfect. 

 Beholding Bee
This a new favourite, but in years will become an old love. One of the most beautifully told tales I have ever come across. Magical, heart-wrenching...It's just a leave-you-speechless kind of read!

The Guardian
Nicholas Sparks will always be a forever favourite author of mine. But it is this book that really captured my heart. It's the dog lover in me!

If I Stay (If I Stay #1)
I'm sure if you've read this, it would be on your list as well. I consider Mia my book BFF!

Powerful yet heartbreaking. How I wish I had read this book in high school! But it will be one that I forever recommend!

It's so hard to narrow down from all of the books you've read. But when you think about those favourites, you can't help but notice those few that stick out the most. The ones that left you in awe. The ones that made you laugh or cry. Those books that you just can't live without!
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  1. I can totally understand that The fault in our stars is on your list. I've read it last week and I fell in love with the characters and his gorgeous writing-style. I also really liked Between shades of gray :)


  2. I completely get this! And I totally agree with a lot of the books on your list, especially Between shades of Gray - this is one of my favourite books of all time. I own two copies and I'm trying to re-read it every year.

  3. Wow! I also have got such favorite, such memorable books. But two names that instantly come to my mind are: ''Jane Eyre'' and ''Wuthering Heights''. I first read Jane Eyre back in 2006 or 2007, when I had started to discover the beauty of Victorian literature. Since then, I've read it a lot of times... I love the suspense, the romance, the characters, everything in Jane Eyre. And uh... Wuthering Heights, my favorite book of all time! :) Strangely, though Wuthering Heights is my favorite and so extremely memorable, ''Jane Eyre'' somehow remains more memorable, more nostalgic to me. :) Would you have a look at my blog: Shounak's book reviews

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