Monday, April 22, 2013

Movie Monday: Evil Dead

(Photo from AMC Theatres)

Directed by:
Fede Alvarez

Fede Alvarez
Rodo Sayagues
Sam Rami(Original Screenplay)

Running Time:
91 Minutes

Jane Levy- Mia
Shiloh Fernandez-David
Lou Taylor Pucci- Eric
Jessica Lucas: Olivia
Elizabeth Blackmore: Natalie

Five friends head to a remote cabin, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads them to unwittingly summon up demons living in the near by woods. The Evil presence possesses them until only one is left to fight for survival-Summary from

As promised from the movie trailers, be prepared for lots of blood and gore! Critics were already noting the gore factor; Some movie goers even walking out of the theatre. My response: Challenge Accepted!

Aside from being a bookworm, I am a huge movie geek, and horror is my specialty. After hearing all the hype about how terribly scary this one was, I couldn't wait to put my limits to the test! 

The Verdict: A gory good time!

I was a big fan of the original Evil Dead. Yes, it does come with a high dose of blood and guts but it also has a big cheesy factor to it(Which I loved!) The original also has A LOT of comedic elements to it. However, this reboot was no jokes! They skipped out on the laughs and supplemented in some major nail-biting, heart-clenching, stomach-turning moments!

The acting was very well done. Sometimes in horror movies, you have to deal with the typical group of kids; The stoner, the jock, the cheerleader, the outcast, etc. Well, I am happy to say that isn't the case with Evil Dead. They were just an honest group of friends trying to help a friend. A lot of them were new faces to me, and they definitely proved themselves to be great actors and entertainers. 

If you are a squeamish person, than this may not be the flick for you. Evil Dead raised the bar on the gore level! Chainsaws, axes, lots of blood and more served up in high doses! 

Possession is the main storyline. If the Exorcist and Saw had a little horror baby, his name would be Evil Dead. The possession is what gives this movie it's "Scare" Factor. Instead of loud noises and objects flying out at you, this movie crawls under your skin and chills your spine. Instead of just moments of spook, the movie provides spine tingles the whole way through!

Evil Dead did it for me! It gave me exactly what I was after; A good ol' fashioned Scare!

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?
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  1. I want to see this one because I do love horror films... but I'm not always great with the gore in them. I don't know if this is one I would see in theatres but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it at some point! Glad you loved it!

  2. I hate horror movies, but my sister has been trying to convince me to watch the trailer for this one for a while, and after seeing your blog post I finally watched the trailer - no way am I seeing this movie any time soon!

    1. Chloe- Haha! Yes, if you aren't a horror movie fan, than this is NOT for you. :)

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