Monday, March 11, 2013

Six Sisters' Stuff

Six Sisters' Stuff: Family Recipes, Fun Crafts, and So Much More

Peanut Butter bars, pancake muffins and danish's, oh my!

This is not your typical Crazy Bookworm review but when I was presented with the chance to review The Six Sisters' Stuff recipe and craft book, I COULD NOT say no!

I have been an reader of their website for quite some time now, and have indulged in many of their delicious recipes and crafts. Having made their Christmas Ornament Wreath just this December! 

I am not only a bookworm, my fellow readers; My Pinterest boards can attest to my baking/cooking/crafting side!

Having tried a fair share of their simple, yet extremely delicious recipes, I'd have to say my ultimate favourite were the Peanut Butter Bars. They were so much better than a dainty Reese's Peanut Butter cup. You get the same scrumptious taste but so much more in quantity and quality! 

They offer this delicatable recipe on their website, but you'll be missing out on so much more if you don't purchase this book! Got a crafty side, want to dip your fingers in some easy baking? Or toss together a yummy meal for the whole family in a snap? Than Six Sisters' Stuff is the book for you...In fact, it's the book you need. Not only is it loaded with the yummiest, mouth watering recipes you'll ever come across(and did I mention they are a breeze to whip up. That's right, no outrageous ingredients or contraptions needed!) You will also get some of the most gorgeous crafts that you can make with your kids, decorate your home, or give to someone as a gift. 

Bored? Don't fret! The Six Sisters' Stuff is also packed with Date Night Ideas, Road Trip ideas for kids, fun and easy indoor activities to do with your family and so much more!

It's hard not to sound like an infomercial when talking about this book, but it's true. This book was truly...well, it was truly awesome!

You'd be missing out on a whole lot if you pass up this book. Spring is in the air, and it's time to get out of those winter blues and have some fun. Kick off spring with The Six Sisters' Stuff. You won't be sorry!

Get your copy today!

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  1. You're making me want to get this! I've used some of their recipes too and love their blog. Sounds like it's a good book though. And I'm obsessed with trying recipes from Pinterest. I don't know what people did before there was Pinterest when trying to find new crafts and recipes lol.

  2. I was on this tour too. I've already made 4 or 5 recipes from the book and the site. The Andes Candies Cookies are so awesome!


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