Thursday, February 14, 2013

Book Blogger Confessions

The name says it all, Book Blogger Confessions. We all have our vices, and when I come across other confession posts I am always left saying "I thought I was the only one!"

This will be a weekly(sporadic) post for me where I post my confessions, a rant, a what grinds my gears segment... anything! This space is going to be used to get it off my chest! Feel free to do up your own post, and if you want to share it, just link in the comments!

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Admiring your Bookshelves

This was not a planned topic this week. I had something else planned but I decided to do this topic instead because of something that happened over the weekend...I was admiring my books.

Do you ever just look over at your Bookshelves lovingly, and just stare. Admire the beauty of all those worlds and characters that you've fallen in love with?


 My fiance saw me doing this over the weekend and when asked what I was doing I simply shrugged and said "Looking at my books". He thought this was weird.

I knew my fellow Bookworms would understand! I know I can't be the only one that loves to admire bookshelves, pull out some of your favourites for a quick hello. Right?!

Are you a bookshelf admirer?
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  1. unfortunately my babies are stuck in a closet cause there is no space or bookshelves outside. But when I did have them outside I sure did find myself just staring at them from time to time. Get sucked into their worlds and characters just by looking at them :)

  2. Hahaha... I totally do this all the time, and yes my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy. My bookshelves are right behind our dining room table (we live in a small house) so I always sit across from them and stare. Your are definitely not alone :)

  3. Oh yes! most definetly! I think book shelves give character to a room.
    The book shelf in my bedroom is the priced possession of the room.... and the books the treasures..!

  4. I totally do this too! Or I go up to the shelf and run my hand along the spines of the books. They're so pretty!


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