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Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult

Keeping Faith

Release Date: February 21st, 2006
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 422 Pages
Series: None
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought
Reason: Leisure read
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One of America's most powerful and thought-provoking novelists, New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult brilliantly examines belief, miracles, and the complex core of family.

When the marriage of Mariah White and her cheating husband, Colin, turns ugly and disintegrates, their seven-year-old daughter, Faith, is there to witness it all. In the aftermath of a rapid divorce, Mariah falls into a deep depression -- and suddenly Faith, a child with no religious background whatsoever, hears divine voices, starts reciting biblical passages, and develops stigmata. And when the miraculous healings begin, mother and daughter are thrust into the volatile center of controversy and into the heat of a custody battle -- trapped in a mad media circus that threatens what little stability the family has left.

“They say that there are moments that open up your life like a walnut cracked, that change your point of view so that you never look at things the same way again.”  -Mariah White

Jodi Picoult has yet to disappoint me! She tends to be my winter reads; There is nothing like curling up by the fire reading a page-turner!

Picoult has proven herself to be a story-weaver. She can take simple life, every day people and create such a captivating and at times heart-breaking story. In this case it's Mariah White and her family, which is torn apart by her cheating husband. Upon the aftermath of her family breaking up, Faith, Mariah's daughter, begins to have visions, and experience healing powers. Now Faith, Mariah and everyone around her is caught in a media frenzy.

This story had be in tears more than once., no surprise when it comes to Jodi Picoult books! Not only was this book a tear-jerker for me, but a roller coasting, page turner! Just when you think the book is going to go one direction, the author whips you into a completely different direction leaving you jaw-dropped. I have said it before, and I will say it again; Picoult sure knows how to write a court battle. There is nothing boring or confusing when it comes to her vicious court scenes. The are compelling and make you feel as if you are sitting right there in the court room.

A wonderful writing style as usual, powerful characters and a ending that will leave your breathless, Picoult pens another winner for me!

When I'm in the mood for some Adult Fiction, I know I can count on her!

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  1. I really love Jodi Picoult, her writing is beautiful and always gets me emotional. I do find her stories all take the same turn though so I have my times where I just need to break from it, but I always go back to her stories at some point. Glad to see another fan around here.

  2. Although my favorite Picoult is still My Sister's Keeper, this one was really good too. I think it was one of my firsts, just picked up on a whim and I was utterly absorbed.


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