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Book Blogger Confessions

The name says it all, Book Blogger Confessions. We all have our vices, and when I come across other confession posts I am always left saying "I thought I was the only one!"

This will be a weekly(sporadic) post for me where I post my confessions, a rant, a what grinds my gears segment... anything! This space is going to be used to get it off my chest! Feel free to do up your own post, and if you want to share it, just link in the comments!

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Judging a Book by it's Cover

Okay, I admit it! I, The Crazy Bookworm judge books by their covers!


I know, I know! Deep down, I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it when I am in the bookstore and I see that gorgeous cover, it's what draws me in initially. 

There have been many, MANY times that I have read a book based on my love for the cover and have been disappointed, and I always say to myself "See, you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover" It's like a life lesson that I refuse to learn each.And.Every.Time!!! Yes, there have been lots that I do enjoy but that's not the point here!

The point is that I should not judge a book by it's pretty, sparkly, colourful or eye popping cover. I should judge it based on the premise.  Key word: SHOULD. 

Will I ever stop cover judging? 


Do you or have you judged a book by it's cover? Any good or bad experiences?
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  1. I totally judge a book by its cover! Two recent ones would be Crewel (so pretty and pretty good too) and Uses for Boys (deceptive in seeming to promise a lighter story).

  2. I'm really bad about it as well. So far the ones I have *bought* solely on their cover have turned out to be really good. But I have been disappointed a few times. Loving the cover, but not the book. And yet, like you, I will never learn. ;)

  3. Honestly, I think this is one thing that a lot of readers do. It's so hard not to, the cover is sparkly and pretty and I must have, and then I read it and I cry that I spent my money on it. I'm more often disappointed and I still will never stop.

  4. I am a horrible cover judger. Even if I know the chances are good I'll enjoy a book I always drag my feet if I hate the cover. Case and point right now - Altered. Everyone keeps telling me I'll love it, but I just hate the cover

  5. Yes, i swear this is really a problem for me, though I know that there are many like me out there, lol:)) I've made a few covers myself for Wattpad authors, so you can inderstand my love for covers:) Oh, hey! Maybe you can join my meme sometime?:)


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