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Book Blogger Confessions

The name says it all, Confessions of a Book Blogger. We all have our vices, and when I come across other confession posts I always am left saying "I thought I was the only one!"

This will be a weekly(sporadic) post for me(feel free to do your own!) where I post my confessions, a rant, a what grinds my gears segment... anything! This space is going to be used to get it off my chest!

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Lending out your Books

You just read that spectacular, full bottle of awesomesauce book. Your just finished and you're already fighting the urge to re-read it! You simply know that your bookish friends would adore that novel as much as you did! BUT your bookish friends don't seem to follow your "Book Borrowing" Rules...

So, you lay it down for them as nicely as you can put it. My book borrowing rules are as follows:

*Don't dog-ear. (I'll always tuck in a book mark just to make it clear...in a suttle way)
* DO NOT break the spine
*Please do not travel with the book
*Please do not take the book in the bath tub with you(yes, this has happened!)
*Please do not use my book as a coaster(I had to scrub a coffee ring stain out of my copy of The Notebook!)
*Please do not lend it to one of your friends without asking me. "Hey X, can I have my copy of Twilight back?" "Oh, I'm sorry, I leant it to my co-worker X, I knew she would love it"

But of course even with all the rules laid out in plain black and white, while the book is out of my home, I am a nervous wreck! Are they treating you well? Are they following the rules?

Then you get it back, and sadly they did not follow the rules. 

So now I have turned into a non-lending person. Does this make me happy? Not at all! But neither does lending out my property that I paid for, and getting it back in crappy condition :(

"Hey Cathy, can I borrow that awesome book you just reviewed on your blog?"


Do you lend your books out? If so, do you have any rules?

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  1. Lending Out Books Rule #1: Don't Lend Out Books!
    I can so relate to this! I used to lend out my books all the time (you know, share the awesome) but since my copy of The Hunger Games (!) has been ruined by my best friend (who also lent it out to her brother and sister) I just don't do it anymore. I would never do that to a book I borrowed! I need pretty books. I don't buy expensive hardbacks for nothing :)
    Great post!!

  2. I am always afraid that they won't give the book back. So after they've had it about 2-3 weeks, I start saying things like, "Oh hey, my mom/brother/boss/tax accountant asked me if they could borrow that book, so whenever you're done, it would be great if I could have it back so I can pass it along." I continue to do this until they either finish it, or are so annoyed they give it back before finishing. LOL.

  3. Judith-Exactly! Whenever I was given a book to read, I was always soo careful, I treated the book with how I treat my very own books!

  4. Kelly- I did the same thing!!! If after 2 weeks I heard nothing about it, I would start saying things like that, too!!

  5. You'd hate me. I do give books back, but I clean my finger nails out on the page corners. Gross, I know.

  6. I don't lend out books any longer for all the reasons you mentioned. However, I will give books away and tell the friend to pass it on to someone else when they've finished. I have never understood why people don't treat books as if they are precious especially when they belong to someone else. I also don't borrow books just in case there is an accident.

  7. I lent Insurgent to my cousin (a boy) and he brought it up to our cottage and left it down at the dock overnight, in a thunderstorm. I found it the next morning, completely waterlogged and warped. I let him take it home with him to finish reading it, but that was months ago, and I don't think I'll ever be getting it back. No more book lending for me.


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