Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Would I Survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Part One

Most of you know that I am obsessed with Zombies. I don't just like them, I don't just love them, I am obsessed with them. One thing I have often wondered though is, could I survive a Zombie Apocalypse? I would like to think so. I mean I have read all kinds of Zombie Literature, seen pretty much every Zombie flick ever made and have become acquainted with the different types of zombies out there. Does this make me an expert? I would like to think so! But when it comes down to it, do I have what it takes?

The Crazy Bookworm VS The Zombie Apocalypse
Part One

Okay, it's come, it's here, the Zombie are among us. Yes, we have the right to panic (just a teeny bit) but we must remain logical!

After I'm done screaming and freaking out at the possibility of a zombie death, I get my shiz together and start figuring what the hell I'm going to do!


Prepare- How does on simply prepare for a Zombie Apoc.? Do I bust people down in Walmart and start raiding all the bug spray, tents, generators and canned Beans? No, If I can, I will raid the heck out of a Sporting Goods store. Guns, check. Knives, check. Crossbow, check. But, the Zombies are out there, and I may not have the privilege to leave my house. You can slowly prepare for a Zombie outbreak before it happens and without looking crazy.

1. Make sure every room has something that can be used as a weapon. Stash a kitchen knife or two on the top shelve of your closet in your bedrooms. Keep a couple of baseball bats in the living room(maybe under the couch?). I'm sure you catch the drift by now. You can do this without folks knowing and thinking you're ready for a one way ticket to the loony bin!

2. Slowly stock up on some Non-Perishables. Pick up one can of something with each grocery trip. Store it in a cellar, in a cabinet. Wherever!

3. Keep scrap wood! This can be used for fires, or to nail down your doors and windows. IT WILL COME IN HANDY!

If the Zombie event happens before any prep work is done than grab anything and everything you can that may even show the slightest possibility of harming, decapitating, slicing, and dismembering a Zombie. Standing Lamp, Saws, Knives(especially Butcher!), glasses, sludge-hammer...ANYTHING. I would place the majority right next to me, but would make sure each room of the house has something that could do some serious Zombie damage! You might not have the opportunity to just relax in your living room while the Zombies are out feasting on your pals! 

Pack- And pack light! I guess this could fall under preparation. One backpack, light enough to run with. ONE change of clothes (Yes, I said one!) take a moment to kiss all your favourite stilettos and handbags goodbye. And has hard as this may be, leave your books. You cannot be weighted down with too much...Okay, one book ONLY! Toss in some matches, lighters, and some weapons. Good to go! Oh ya, and wear the backpack at all times! You DO NOT want to risk losing anything that could save your life.

Stay tuned for next week for Part Two. Will my survival tactics get better or worse?...

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  1. I am also a huge zombie fan! These are some really good (and funny) survival tips:)


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