Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mourning a beloved Character's demise: A rant!

I do this so often. :P

We've all experienced it, the death of a beloved character. The emotions start reeling in, anger, sadness, and then the big question, why them?

Nicholas Sparks is famous for killing of some of his best characters. Why Mr. Sparks?! Why must you make me love them when your just going to wipe them out in the most tragic way? 

You're curled up into the wee hours of the night flying through the pages of this much loved book, when BAM the author decided to flick away that character you loved so very much.


My non book friends can't understand why I cry over a book, let alone get upset when one of my favourite character gets killed off. Am I alone here? Am I the only one that mourns over a character's death?

It is not just in books that a fictional characters' death gets me. I am still not the same after the Season 2 Finale of Boardwalk Empire and Season five's 3rd episode of Son's of Anarchy!

Do you mourn the death of a beloved Character? Book or TV/Film?

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  1. Of COURSE I mourn characters! I'm not going to name names because of spoilers, but I bawl my eyes out when some characters are killed off. And then I wonder why it was necessary (it usually isn't!). Great post!

  2. Nicholas Sparks is the master of making us cry. My daughter finished the Notebook during a night transatlantic flight and was sobbing on the shoulder of the stranger sitting next to her!

  3. I'm famous for gut-wrenching, breath sucking, hiccup inducing crying when I read books or watch movies. I'm a snotty mess when dogs die.
    I had a really hard time with some books because of who the author decided to kill off.
    Occasionally my mom or boyfriend will hear my crying and they'll come into the room and ask "What's wrong?" I have no shame in crumbling into a teary mess shouting about how I can't believe so-and-so died and how sad I am because another character loved said dead character. Then my family usually shrugs, says "Oh, you're reading. I told you to WARN ME." And then they promptly leave the room for me to bawl in silence.
    I get emotionally attached to some characters and it's like losing a friend when one of them dies.


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