Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear Teen Me: A letter to myself

Dear Teen Me,

I hope your sitting down. Right now, I know what your doing; Your planning (as usual) with how your first year of high school goes. You've read books, you've seen tv shows, according to you, everything is going to be perfect. Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but things are not going to go as planned. Your going to walk in those doors smiling, ready to make new friends and begin a whole new chapter of your life. Except, people aren't going to be as friendly, and eventually that smile will disappear. People are going to pick on you about your clothes and your looks. Your not perfect, therefore you don't belong at the "cool" table. Here is the best advice I will probably ever give you. 


These people will not be in your life forever. The ones that are important stay, and the ones that aren't leave. Keep your head held high and bring that smile back to your face. Turn your nose up to that cool table because that cool table doesn't last long. It's not the table you sit at or the clothes you wear that define you. Stick through it because it gets one million times better! You will have friends that will make you laugh so hard your stomach will hurt. You will love and be loved back. You'll look back at the whole experience and realize how petty those things were and that they weren't worth the tears or the anger. 

You will think to yourself "Why was I so upset?" I know it felt world ending then, but believe me, it is nothing but a distant memory now. Cherish the friends you have now, and stop focusing on the negative and trying to befriend people that aren't worth your time. 

Love always,


Teenagers of the world, Dear Teen Me is for you.
For everyone who wishes they were on the football team. For everyone who would rather be in the glee club than ever run another lap. For the teens who dream of being far, far away from the small town or big city where they go to school. The prom queens, the theater kids, the band geeks, the bad boys, the good girls, the loners, the stoners, the class presidents, the juvenile delinquents, the jocks and the nerds.
The teens who have good days and bad days and sometimes really really really bad days.
This is for you.

A group of authors. some famous – some up-and-comers, who care about you.

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