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Dear Teen Me by Miranda Kenneally and E. Kristin Anderson

Release Date: October 30th, 2012
Publisher: Zest Books
Genre: Young Adult, Non-Fiction
Pages: 192 Pages
Series: None
Format: Arc
Source: Provided by publisher
Reason: Blog tour
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Dear Teen Me includes advice from over 70 YA authors (including Lauren Oliver, Ellen Hopkins, and Nancy Holder, to name a few) to their teenage selves. The letters cover a wide range of topics, including physical abuse, body issues, bullying, friendship, love, and enough insecurities to fill an auditorium. So pick a page, and find out which of your favorite authors had a really bad first kiss? Who found true love at 18? Who wishes he’d had more fun in high school instead of studying so hard? Some authors write diary entries, some write letters, and a few graphic novelists turn their stories into visual art. And whether you hang out with the theater kids, the band geeks, the bad boys, the loners, the class presidents, the delinquents, the jocks, or the nerds, you’ll find friends--and a lot of familiar faces--in the course of Dear Teen Me.
Dear Teen Me is the book that keeps on giving. It gives you hope, inspiration, happiness and encouragement. Hours of content that will just fill you with so much emotion.

Authors like Ellen Hopkins, Lauren Oliver, Carrie Jones and so many more share their embarrassing moments, their deepest secrets, the triumphs and their failures. They bare it all to us, for one reason,  to tell you that you are not alone. To show you that you are in wonderful company. You have a band of brothers. To know that some of your idols might have gone through the exact same thing as you, will provide you with so much comfort.

Miranda Kenneally and E. Kristin Anderson were inspired to put together this collection after a twitter conversation involving Hanson(yes, that absolutely amazing 90's boy band). I could instantly relate. To say I was obsessed with Hanson would be a big understatement! My bedroom walls were hidden behind dozen of posters, and my love for Taylor still sparks inside my heart. I was a proud fan of Hanson, if loving Hanson was wrong, I didn't want to be right! My mother bought me a Hanson T-Shirt. Yes, she was granted Mother Of The Year award for that one! I loved this T-shirt and wore it pretty much every day. It was 1998 and my brother was taking me to see Strike (AKA All I wanna do) in theatres. Yes, I wore my Hanson T-shirt. From the minute I walked into the theatre, I was taunted by not one, not two but a group of girls. They pointed, they laughed, they shouted "Hanson sucks". I just ignored it. It was to my horror when we walked into our Cinema for the movie, and the same girls were seeing the same movie. They shouted during the previews how stupid I was, and how Hanson is so "gay". My brother had finally had enough, stood up and gave these girls a taste of their own. Yes, there were profanities, but he too earned Brother of the Year award for that! However, I never wore that Hanson shirt out of my house again.

If I could tell my Teen Self something now, it would be to go out and wear that shirt proudly! If you love something or have a passion for something, don't be afraid to express it. And 14 years later, you still love Hanson!

I know, I got a bit sidetracked there but my point is this; Dear Teen Me was a book that I desperately needed back when I was a teen. To know that I was not the only one for many situations. Now that it is out here for the next generation of teens, you need to read this. It needs to be on the school library shelves. This book is here for you. Please do not give up the opportunity to read it. This is a must read for everyone. Whether you are a teenager now, or you once were. I cannot express enough how much this book affected me. It was truly a pleasure to read!

My 'Dear Teen Me' Letter
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