Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Week 2-Question 1

How to participate in The Scavenger Hunt? It’s Easy!

Twice a week, I will post on The Crazy Bookworm asking a question. The answer will most likely require a photo, but that may not be the case for each question.  If you don’t have your own camera, that’s fine. Just be creative! Maybe a Google search will help you out!

An example: The Zombie Apocalypse has broken out, and you don’t have time to find weapons. You must use the object closest to you. Grab it and take a picture!

You can blog, tweet, Facebook, or use whatever source you have to share your answer. You then come back to The Crazy Bookworm and will post your response(with a link) in the Comments.

Of course, I will also be participating! So be sure to stop by to check out my answers as well! Have a great question for the scavenger hunt? Feel free to Tweet me, Facebook me, or leave your question in the comments!

Yes, there is a giveaway!

This giveaway isn’t specifically for The Scavenger Hunt, but you will earn extra entries if you participate in The Scavenger Hunt!

Countdown to Halloween Grand Prize Package
A Paperback copy of Rot & Ruin
A hard cover copy of Alice in Zombieland (arc in photograph, hard cover hasn’t arrived in mail yet)
3 DVD’s
28 Days Later, and A Blair Witch Double Feature( Blair Witch 1 & 2)
Package of 54 Nestle mini chocolate bars *Not Pictured*
Gourmet Air Popping Pop Corn *Not Pictured*

Scavenger Hunt Schedule 

Stop by on these dates to check out the Scavenger Hunt questions

Monday, October 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
Friday, October 12, 19th, 26th

This week's question #1: 

Do you have a pumpkin? I want to see it! *It doesn't have to be carved*

We don't carve our Pumpkin's until the week before. So right now, these are our uncarved pumpkins!

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  1. Great idea! So fun! I'll keep an eye out for the question days! :D


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