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Countdown to Halloween: Top Ten Favourite Scary Movies

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Let's admit it, whether we enjoy scary movies or not, nothing beats turning off the lights, curling up on the couch on hallow's eve and scary yourself silly! 

My Top Ten Favourite Scary Movies
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The Blair Witch Project

*Something about this film just scares the bejezus out of me! I saw it in Theaters when it first came out and it has spooked me ever since!*

Halloween(Rob Zombie Version)

*Some people will argue that a remake will never over shine it's original but in this case, Rob Zombie's rendition of Halloween is my favourite!*

Trick or Treat

*There is something so off the wall about this movie that just made it down right freaky. Starring True Blood's Anna Paquin as a werewolf...You can't go wrong!*

The Amityville Horror(1979 Version)

*This is a case where the original is best! Although Ryan Reynolds did look drool-worthy, as a shirtless maniac in the remake, this one just rise's above the bar on the freak-o-meter!*

The Exorcist

*Need there be an explanation?!*

28 Days Later

*Flesh craving, enraged zombies. And a sexy Cillian Murphy kicking major Zombie arse. Need I say more?!*

The Descent

*My Claustrophobia kicks into full gear with this movie! Trapped in a cave miles below ground, while your only way out caves in. Then toss in flesh eating...things. That does it for me!*

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
(1974 OR 2003)

*Linked above is the 2003 version starring Jessica Biel, but either version are to die for...They are both SCARY as SHIZ!*

Paranormal Activity

*I'm a sucker for the "realistic" documentary style flicks. This is one you can enjoy have a different experience with each time because it has 3 different endings!*

The Woman in Black

*Crank up the volume, and turn off all the lights. Then enjoy as a dazzling Danial Radcliffe spooks the #@$% out of us!*

There are so many more, but I had to narrow it down to ten! 

What movies do you enjoy during Halloween?

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  1. All of the above and many more! For the cheese factor, I love Popcorn and Cutting Class. Scary, The Ring always freaks me out, along with The Grudge (the noises and movements scare me!). I love Final Destination 2 and Hostel 2, just because. And two of my all time favorite movies to watch during the Halloween season- Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic. Oh, and The Good Witch movies from Hallmark!

    1. Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic are 2 of my faves, too! I soo wanted to include them in this list but I was trying to scary scary. I just love Halloween!

    2. I agree, Kate! Forget seven days, I couldn't sleep right for a year after watching The Ring!
      Good list. Too bad I'm too scared to watch these movies. :(

    3. The Ring is terrifying! I still haven't watched the full video, and I've seen the movie a dozen times!

  2. The Descent - brilliant choice. I loved that movie. Not so keen on the sequel though. Thanks for stopping by The Paperback Princesses.


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