Friday, October 26, 2012

Countdown to Halloween: Author Spotlight: Kathleen McKenna + Lots of Giveaways!

Youngest Child
“Come on home, girl,” mama said with a smile.

Hell found me.

I managed to make it to twenty years old thinking I knew who I was. Three weeks after my birthday, about an hour after I watched ‘America’s Most Wanted’ with my parents, the door was kicked in and half a dozen cops stormed into our tiny living room. They manhandled my daddy, and handcuffed him, and pulled him backwards out the door while Mommy and I screamed for explanations.

There weren’t any then.

We should have guessed that it was going to be bad because not only did Daddy not resist, he didn’t even look surprised.

We were the ones who were about to be surprised.

See, my daddy, my sweet easy-going accountant daddy, who had never raised his voice to me, let alone his hands, was being held without bail for the murder of five people.

Not just any people either.

The cheap stupid lawyer that my mommy hired told us that Daddy was being held for killing his wife, his own mama and his three children.

That was the beginning of the dark times. My mom told me I wasn’t her own real daughter. When she married my daddy, he already had me.

He’d told her that his first wife had died. I guess that much is true. The people he killed, I belonged to them. All my blood ties led to an old mansion deserted for nineteen years. The last people that walked in Breezy Point were the policemen who found my mother, my sister, my two brothers, and finally my grandmother, upstairs.

Daddy had left a note that mentioned Grandma in particular. He said, “Mother’s upstairs. She was too heavy to move.”

Author Bio

Kathleen McKenna is a transplanted Alaskan who spent twelve years on her first paragraph and now lives and writes prolifically in the opposite kind of desert, in New Mexico.

She has written eight novels to date and recently nearly lost all eight when her laptop and her back-up drive failed simultaneously. At the last count, seven have been recovered. 'The Wedding Gift' is Kathleen's third novel, the first of a supernatural trilogy. 

I absolutely ADORE Kathleen. We have become great friends over the last 2 years. The one thing I love most about blogging is the amazing people you get to know!

Kathleen McKenna, who sure knows how to write a book that scares the %#@& outta of you has been awesome enough to offer up not one but two epic giveaways of her newest novel Family Matters(Which focus's on the Manson Family!)

Up for Grabs
*20 Ebook copies of Family Matters
*5 *signed* Paperback copies of Family Matters.

*Giveaway open to Everyone
*Ends November 9th
*Must be 13 years of age or older
*Fill out the Rafflecopter

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