Friday, June 1, 2012

Married with Zombies Scavenger Hunt Read-a-long: Week 1!

1. In chapter 2 Sarah has to put her marriage therapist "to rest" with a letter opener. Let's see your weaponized letter opener in mid-action! No letter opener? Think fast! You need to rescue your friend/significant other! What are you going to use when no actual weapons are available? No knives, no guns! Show me what you've got! 

My Gold(*cough* fake gold *cough*) Letter Opener!

2. In chapter 2 Sarah is wrestling with Dr. Kelly and David can't seem to find a weapon to help his dear wife with. Until...Sarah yells at him to use something on Dr. Kelly's body, which he grabs and smashes into her head. I want to see your most killer pair of this item!

One of my favourite pair of heels. This heel could do some damage!

3. In chapter 3, Sarah hears an unexpected noise in the bathroom while she's nervously peeing. She grabs "the closest thing there was to a weapon in the room". I want a picture of the same type of item that is closest to soft edges people. They won't do the brain damage necessary to kill the living dead.

*Shrugs* the closet thing to my was my empty oatmeal bowl. Maybe I could smash the bowl and use the shards to slice and dice!

4. At the end of chapter 5, Dave gives Sarah a weapon just before they are leaving their apartment to pay a little visit to Jack & Amanda's apartment. Let's see a picture of yours (same type of item).

My Dog Grooming Shears that will definitely tear some Zombies up!
*Is it just me, or does it look like the scissors are going up my nose in this pic?)

5. How do you feel about the book up to this point? Any thoughts you want to share? 

Loving it so far, and having a blast with this scavenger hunt!

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  1. LOL- great pics!! The oatmeal bowl will do great for smashing on heads...

    and ps- be careful with those scissors, you look like your gonna cut your nose off.....:D

    1. Haha!I knew it. It totally looks like they are aiming for my nose!

  2. hahaha! I was going to say, be careful where you stick those things!

    Awesome pictures.


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