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Married with Zombies Read-A-Long Week 2

Married With Zombies read a long Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 1

Week 2 is hosted by The Bookish Brunette

Week 2 Questions

1.In Chapter 6, Sarah and Dave raid Amanda’s apartment for guns… When they come out they run into their super, Mr. Gonzales, when he tries to attract Sarah: What does she hit? Do you have one of these? You could totally bash some Zombie brains with one!Show me whatcha got! If you don’t have one of these, then anything that you would find in a hallway of an apartment building! (good luck!) lol

I had a hard time with this one! No fire extinguisher for me, but I thought my stainless steel garbage bin would do some damage! And those are in apartment hallways...right?
2. In Chapter 7, Sarah and David are watching a news report of the zombie attacks when the doctor on TV attacks the reporter… The news crew steps in and starts bashing the zombie with a _______, grab the nearest similar object (whatever’s handy) that you would use if you were attacked at WORK!

Well, I don't own a Boom Mic, but I think a 15 pound dumbbell would get the job done!

3. Chapter 8… Amanda, Sarah and Dave are preparing to head out of town, and while they’re getting in the car, three zombies attack them! Sarah bashes one with the butt of her shot gun as instinct takes over, so whatcha got?

You’re getting in your car, fleeing the city- zombies attack, no guns or knives… What are you going to use to defend yourself??

One thing I would definitely be taking with me on my Zombie hunt, as side from my Zombie ass kicking, super amazing Rockstar...Rocky

I would definitely be grabbing our super huge sledge hammer that would do the deed!

4. In Chapter 9 & 10 there aren’t any zombie killings… That we could replicate!!!
So, give me a couple of your favorite quotes from Chapters 5-10!!!

"I was just thinking how much cooler you are than any other girl I ever knew" David

"Well, I guess we better go out with a Bang" Sarah

"Okay, David, Let's Roll"
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  1. EEP!!! That dumbbell looks like it could do some damage!!!!! It hurts my arms just looking at it...LOL

  2. That dumbbell looks beast in the photo. Rocky's ears make me smile. Love a good sledgehammer & not the Robert Palmer kind.

  3. Ooohh I like the sledgehammer! Need to buy one... and I like that quote from David about Sarah being the coolest girl - awwww :-)

  4. Hey great minds think alike! I used my stainless steel garbage can as well. Adding fire extinguisher to my must get for the apocalypse list. I am packing up my dog as well! Great picks!

  5. I swear I do need to keep the garbage can idea handy. Love the barbell and sledgehammer. Great ideas! Also love the quotes. However, why does everyone get a zombie kicking arse dog? I just know I'd be the one defending my rather large pups! LOL

  6. I love that first quote :D

    Oh my God- that dumb-bell would definitely hurt! You are way more prepared for the zombie apocalypse than I am!

  7. Love the quotes!
    That sledge hammer will for sure do some major damage!!!

  8. You have a sledge hammer! I'm so jealous right now. Those things are so heavy, but imagine the swing behind one into a zombie head. Oh yeah! And that dumbell would do some damage, definitely. We don't have any trash cans in our apartment complex (outside), but I blame the fact that everything is outdoors and it would probably melt in the sun. LOL! I don't have a fire extinguisher either.

  9. Sledgehammer---holy moly that could splat some brains. Do you have the cleanup gear for after the job though?

  10. Yeah, if I were a Zombie and I saw Rocky running towards me, I'd make like a tree and get the heck out of his way! LOL

    And you totally get extra points for owning a sledge hammer. Seriously, if a ZA ever really happens, I'm going to your house to hide out.


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