Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Want to be a Young Adult Author?

Want to Be a Young Adult Novelist? Pay Attention to Voice and Conflict
Victoria Hanley
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When writing young adult (YA) novels, finding your voice is a must. Editors and agents are always looking for that truly fresh voice. How do you find yours? Believe it or not, I recommend working with a shredder. Really! Just write whatever you want to say and then shred it before anyone reads it. By spending a few minutes a day on this activity, you’ll be giving your mind permission to run free--free of pressure, obligation, and fear. Soon, you may surprise yourself with a new level of creativity and flow in your writing.

Create convincing conflict. I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to be mean to your characters. Resist the urge to take care of them and give them easy lives. They need to be under plenty of pressure, pressure that keeps increasing until the climax. The conflict you choose must be closely connected to the characters, the plot, and the message. (Don’t leave resolution up to the adults.) Picture the conflict as air filling a balloon. Too often, new writers let out the air and deflate their stories because they don’t want their characters to suffer. But your story balloon needs to have enough air to pop with a really loud bang at the climax.

Thank you to Victoria Hanley for stopping by with this guest post! As an aspiring YA writer, this advice is truly taken to heart!

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