Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Reading Challenge

This summer three bloggers are gathering together in support of reading. 


Erika at One A Day Y.A.
Ashley at Book Labyrinth
Cathy at The Crazy Bookworm

What we are doing

We are reading books from our TBR lists. It's so easy to get distractrated when it comes to choosing the next book to read. New books come along, library finds are intriguing, and don't forget that random buy at the store! This challenge is designed to encourage us to read the books on our list. Since most of us also have a huge TBR list, it's also designed to make our choices limited and therefore easier to pick our next read.

When we are doing it

The challenge will run from June 1st to August 31st, 2012

The rules

- Make a list of 25 books you'd like to read this summer (or which you've been meaning to read for a while) from your TBR list

- Make a goal of how many books you'd like to read off this list during the summer

- The only rule is you cannot change the books that you added to your list of 25 options once it is posted

My goal

I want to read 15 books from my list this summer.

Group goal

Collectively, we want to read ## books off our lists this summer

My list

Pieces of Us
Ferocity Summer
Married with Zombies
World War Z
Ultimate Zombie Survival Guide
The Scorpio Races
The Book Thief
The Mocking Birds
The Rivals
Catching Fire
The Dead-Tossed Waves
Dark and Hollow Places
Kill me Softly
Book of Blood and Shadow
Pretty Little Liars
Twenty Boy Summer
The Summer I turned Pretty
It's Not Summer Without You
Before I Fall

*I only added a couple ARC'S and review copies. I would like to knock some books from my personal library off my TBR list!*


Want to read the reviews of the books we've finished? You can find them linked below.

Cheer us on! Prizes are to be had!

At the end of the summer if we (Erika, Ashley, and Cathy) meet our group goal, Erika will be giving away a prize on each of our blogs. Cheer us on and help us reach our goal!

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  1. Good Luck! It sounds like a great way to reduce those daunting TBR piles.

  2. Ooooh there are some good ones on there!! I highly recommend The Scorpio Races, Book of Blood & Shadow, Twenty Boy Summer, The Summer I Turned Pretty, and Delirium. Seriously, those are almost all 5 stars for me!

    My post will be up on Friday. =)

  3. The Dead-Tossed Waves is awesome! I need to read Dark and Hollow Places as well but that's a library book, otherwise I might have added it. Forgotten and Delirium were really good too. I have The Scorpio Races and Before I Fall on my list. Some of the other ones you put here I almost added too! My post is up now and I see Ashley's is too :)


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