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Author Spotlight: Lisa McMann author of Dead to You

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*Dead to You
Lisa McMann was born in Holland Michigan. She now lives in Arizona with her Husband and 2 kids.

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Describe yourself in 3 words
Best cook mama! (That’s what my kids call me.)

W What is 'A Day in the Life' of Lisa McMann like?
I roll out of bed anywhere from 3am to 7:30am or so, depending on if I’m struck with any ideas in the middle of the night that I just have to write down. I always have a Diet Coke when I wake up, and then I tackle email. When the kids head off to school at 7:30, my workday begins. Some days I turn the Internet off and write 2000-4000 words on any number of projects, and other days I’m doing promotional stuff, interviews, writing proposals for more books, conference calling with other writers for the upcoming Infinity Ring series (hilarity ensues when James Dashner, Carrie Ryan, Jennifer Nielsen, Matt de la Pena, Matt Kirby, and editors—including David Levithan—all get together). By about 4pm or so, I lose my best focus and my kids get home, so unless I’m on deadline, I’ll hang out on Twitter or my Facebook fan page. Then I sometimes cook something, which I really love to do, and watch TV with the family or read for a while before bed.

And then there are the days that I play hooky with my hubby Matt, who works as an independent contractor musician and also my unpaid assistant. We go to movies and out for breakfast and stuff. Those days are fun. I really do find a lot of inspiration in movies. And in breakfast.
But sometimes a week goes by without me leaving the writing cave. Doesn’t bother me. I like my house. J
3.   What came first when writing Dead to You: The Characters or the idea of the story?
The idea for the story came first, and then the character of Ethan emerged.
4.   Do you have any writing must haves? (i.e. Music, food, etc.)
All I really need is a Diet Coke first thing in the morning. And I like it quiet when I work. Short-attention-span-McMann gets easily distracted by the shiny.
5.   With 2012 just beginning, what books are you looking anxiously awaiting to read?
Well, how about if I tell you what books I’ve already read and loved that are coming out this spring/summer? Three favorites, all very different from each other, come to mind. THE FALSE PRINCE by Jennifer A. Nielsen (for tweens and teens, can’t wait for the sequel!), SMALL MEDIUM at LARGE by Joanne Levy (hilarious and sweet paranormal for 8-12 range), and I HUNT KILLERS by Barry Lyga, first in a new edgy YA series. I am also anxious to see what Gary D. Schmidt and A.S. King have for us this coming fall.
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  1. I haven't read anything by Lisa McMann yet but this one sounds amazing. I love the interview. Great questions!!

  2. I could never imagine getting up at 3am to write. That is major dedication. I guess if that's when the idea presents itself you must get it down. I would probably roll over and go back to sleep.

  3. 3 a.m?? I know what you mean, morning is way better for writing, that's really true, because later there is to much things to do in the house! I would love to drink a Diet Coke every morning! I'm going to search for those books - speacially the False Prince - at my bookstore would love to read them too!

  4. Haha I mostly go to bed at 3am lol I am definitely not a morning person. :D

    Thanks for all the inside info, it's always nice to read those things.

  5. Great interview! I need Diet Coke to jumpstart my day too, ha! The book sounds great.

  6. Oh wow! 3am? I usually sleep around 2-3am, thats amazing! Good to know that I am not the only one that needed a sugar load every morning. But I usually drink rootbeer with vanilla ice cream on it

  7. Nice interview...I need to add her books to my TBR :)


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