Sunday, January 8, 2012

Great Reads or Great Classics?

As part of my 2012 Reading Goals, I hope to read some classics(as I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't read many). Charlotte's Web, Huckleberry Finn and One Flew over the Cookoo's Nest to name a few. Then I got thinking. What books from my generation will become classics?

During my time reading, I have read many fantastic books. Could they have potential to become a classic read that English teachers will be teaching to their students? 25-30 years from now, what books do you think will join the lengthy list of literary gems?

My Picks:

The Help

A book/film that swept people off their feet. I will be shocked if I'm not hearing about this book 25 years from now. The Help is here to stay!

The Book Thief

A breath-taking read that will have people inspired for years to come.

Between Shades of Gray

This book is tough to read at times, but that only adds to it's beauty. If you can get through the ugliness that these people suffered, you will come to a beautiful and moving conclusion


One of my favourite books ever, it shouldn't be a surprise that I would have this one on my list. This book is truly an extraordinary one. The Characters of Alex and Andi still come to life in my head as vividly as they did the first time I read them!

If I Stay (If I Stay, #1)

Raw, heart-wrenching and beautiful, I can't imagine this book anywhere else but among the other literary gems.

Thirteen Reasons Why

A lot of  books that are considered classics seem to be on the strong side. 13 Reasons Why tackles a strong issue with so much class and emotion. The haunting storyline and emotional conclusion make this book a memorable one!

The Notebook

This book/movie took the world by storm and still remains one of mine and many other readers favourite book and film ever. Everyone loves a good classic love story right?

A Blue So Dark

A book that must be experienced by yourself to truly understand the beauty of it. I imagine this book will be literary favourite.

What books would be on your list?

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  1. I think Marianne de Pierres' Burnt Bright (Creatures of the Dark) trilogy will one day be a classic. There are so many layers to the themes in this story and really help a teenager look at what values and rules mean to them and in society.


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