Thursday, January 12, 2012

Follow Friday

Q: Many readers/bloggers are also big music fans. Tell us about a few of your favorite bands/singers that we should listen to in 2012.

A: This is a great question! I am a huge music lover. I love all kinds of music. Some faves are:

Florence + the Machine
Tegan and Sara
Young the Giant...
..just to name a few, but here is a great video I came across of a few Canadians that put together this awesome unique video covering a song.

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Happy Hoppin'!
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  1. AWESOME picks :) You have great taste in music!!

    Happy Friday and check out my follow Friday!!

  2. Great answer...New follower so come follow me at Also enter my Incarnate by: Jodi Meadows giveaway.

  3. Hopping through. Love Tegan/Sara and Florence. I like Eminem's radio clean songs.
    My Hop

  4. Eminem is the king of hip hop! Haha!

    Old follower stopping by:)

    Natasha @ Dreamland Teenage Fantasy: My FF

  5. Great choices! My husband found a F&tM cover of "Addicted to Love" that I can't stop listening to, its great!

    Old follower just hoppin' by :)


  6. Great choices! I like eminem he raps about real stuff. :) Following you back! World of Books

  7. That song was awesome! I love how they're all playing one guitar. I love all the new music I'm finding today!

    My FF Post

  8. Thanks for sharing the great video! Hopping by on the hops. Love your blog and a new follower now. Have a great weekend!

  9. Happy FF! Old follower hopping through. Some great choices there, and an awesome video. Takes some real teamwork to pull that off.

    Daniel @ Bound By Words

  10. New follower...Happy FF!
    Have a great weekend~

    Deb @ Love to Read Romance!!

  11. New follower! Thanks for posting about Tegan! I completely forgot about them. My music life is about to get so much more enjoyable now. Looking forward to your reviews!

  12. Hi & Happy Friday!

    Thank-you so much for stopping by my blog :)

    You have a wonderful music list!!

    Sharon @ Obsession with Books

  13. Hi - Hop stop for Follow Friday!

  14. I haven't heard of Young the Giant, but I LOVE all the other ones you listed. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. I adore Florence ^^ i'm also very jealous that you're reading TFIOS! I'm still waiting for mine to arrive D:

    My FF:


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