Monday, December 26, 2011

New Years Resolutions: Blog Edition

I was going through some of my past blog posts and came across my New years Blog goals from last year, and was pretty satisfied with the outcome. Although some things I wish I could have done better with, I achieved most of last years blog goals. BUT another year is approaching and with them it brings new blog goals.

I adore my blog, and I love all my followers. Sometimes when I find I'm really busy and the blog may hit the back burner, the thought NEVER crosses my mind to shut it down. I don't know if I ever could. When I do have the time to blog, I enjoy it. When I finish a book, I can't wait to hop on the computer and let all of you know what I thought about it. So The Crazy Bookworm won't be going anywhere, anytime soon!

My 2012 blog goals are:

Time Managment: Boy oh boy, so I need to practice some time management! Ever since I got promoted at my job, I feel as if I don't have much time for the blog. Once work is finished, and I'm done all my day-to-day tasks, I just want to do nothing, and sometimes that includes reading. And that saddens me, so I will be breaking out a calender(the ol' fashioned kind, not a google doc) and will manage my time for effectivily and efficiantly. I DO NOT want to ring in the new year with a blog lull. I want it thriving all through 2012

Reading More: This was on last years list as well, and though I did pick up the reading, once I started working more, the reading decreased. So hopefully with my good friend time management, I will be able to take in more reading time!

Participation: I would LOVE to participate in more blog challenges and blog guest posts. Last year my main goal was to comment more, I am happy to say that I can stroke that one off! I have met a ton of great new people just from commenting. So this year, I hope to fit in more blog challenges.

I hope I can be as successful this year as I was last year! What are your blogging goals and aspirations? Do tell!

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  1. Those are great resolutions!

    I think mine would be to do more tours and stuff. And not wait until I've read 4 or 5 books before mass writing reviews LOL.

    Nerd Girls at Books to the Sky

  2. Great list of resolutions.
    I'd love for you to be a guest on my blog. Are you interested?

  3. I have similar resolutions! I need to time manage like crazy. I had a major lull midyear and lost a lot of momentum and daily visitors!

    La Toya (La Toya, literally.)


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