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Halloween Countdown: Ransom Riggs: Author of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. And a strange collection of very curious photographs. It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. As our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children who once lived here—one of whom was his own grandfather—were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a desolate island for good reason. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they may still be alive.
A spine-tingling fantasy illustrated with haunting vintage photography, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will delight adults, teens, and anyone who relishes an adventure in the shadows.  Buy the Book

About the Author: "I grew up writing stories and making videos in the backyard with my friends. I knew I wanted to do one or both of those things in some professional capacity when I got older, but I didn’t know how. For three summers during high school I attended the University of Virginia’s Young Writer’s Workshop, and I still consider it one of the shaping experiences of my life. I met so many great, brilliant people, and it convinced me that it was possible to make a life for myself as a writer." Continue Reading

Tell us 5 Random Things about yourself

• My cat likes to use my leg as a scratching post.

• I have never been to Canada.

• For years, I mispronounced the word "misled."

• I tried to conquer my fear of heights once by going skydiving, but it didn't really work.

• My first car was a 1981 Volvo 240 sedan, manual transmission. It finally bit the dust in 1998, in college, when I hit a deer on a country road. While I was waiting for a tow truck, this redneck dude pulled up and asked if he could have the not-quite-dead deer for his freezer. I said OK.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is my favourite read of 2011. I found it so unique and refreshing. What inspired you to write this book?

This is usually a question that's almost impossible to answer, but in this rare case, I had a very specific inspiration: the old photographs I'd started collecting. I kept coming across thee unusual, vaguely unsetting images of children. They reminded me of Edward Gorey's adorably doomed kids from the gashleycrumb tinies -- evocative and mysterious and tragic somehow, too. I wanted to know their story, but of course they were just random old photos found at a flea market -- so I had to make one up!

Would you like to see Miss Peregrine's hit the big screen? And being a filmmaker yourself, would you like to have a part in it's making?

Fox bought the movie rights a few months ago, but I'm not involved in the film. Too busy writing book II!

You posted on your website that there will be a sequel(So excited!) How is the writing process going for you? And when can we see it on the shelves?

It's going well! It'll be awhile before it'll be on shelves, though -- 2013, I think. This book has involved lots and lots of outlining and note-taking, because book II is so much more potentially complex than book I. I'm having a blast writing it, though. I know 2013 seems like a long time from now, but it seems just around the corner to me!

If you were "Peculiar" what gift would you have?

The way I see it, most of the peculiar children’s powers, if you want to call them that, have a dark side – they’re both a blessing and a curse. So, honestly, I’m happy to be normal! But now that you mention it, I’ve been thinking lately that it would be nice – this is geeky, I know – to be able to take pictures with my eyes just by blinking. Because I’m always seeing things I think would make great photographs and wishing I had my camera with me. I know that’s not a great power, but it’d be really convenient.

Craz Quiz(Halloween Version)

Scariest movie you've ever seen?

The Shining.

Were you scared of the dark?

I still am, depending on the situation.

Favourite costume as a child?

We weren't big on halloween, my family.

If you could be any scary creature, what would you be?

Do they make Michelle Bachmann masks?

Thanks Ransom, it is a pleasure having you at The Crazy Bookworm!

My pleasure!

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  1. awesome interview! I can't wait to read this book!! :)

  2. I love that someone ask for the deer that was hit. That's too funny!

  3. I am really glad that there's going to be sequels, can't wait to read them!


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